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Vintage Oil Painting, Framed Oil Painting on Canvas, Solenghi Painting

Item: Vintage Oil Painting on Canvas, Signed and Framed. Artist: Michele Solenghi

Age & Condition: Circa 1950. Some craquelure to the painting. Age to the frame.

Dimensions: 33″ wide x 25″ tall x 1.75″ deep.


Vintage Oil Painting

Beautiful vintage oil painting (original) on canvas. This lovely landscape painting was made by Michele Solenghi, an Italian artist born in 1915.

Of course, the vintage oil painting shows great skill in atmospheric perspective. It has lovely blue-green trees in the background and strong golden green tones in the foreground. Two figures also appear in the painting. Finally, the artist has rendered the shade of the trees beautifully on the forgreound.

Framed Oil Painting on Canvas

Certainly, this framed oil painting on canvas has a really beautiful composition, color palette and scene. However, it does show some minor signs of age.

Firstly, there is some craqueleur to the surface. Also, the gold frame and inner frame show some signs of age.

Despite these signs of age, the vintage painting shows beautifully. No doubt it will shine under the right lighting in a historic home.

Solenghi Painting

The artist, Michele Solenghi was born in 1915 in Bergamo, Italy. He painted mostly landscapes. However, a small biography on the back of the work also mentions he worked on murals in churches.