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Georgetown Galleries Buffet – Vintage Sideboard

Item: Vintage Solid Mahogany Buffet Sideboard by Georgetown Galleries Furniture.

Age & Condition: Circa 1940. Excellent Refinished Condition.

Size: 62″ wide x 20″ deep x 36″ tall.

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Georgetown Galleries Buffet

Georgetown Galleries Buffet in solid mahogany. This vintage sideboard by Georgetown Galleries Furniture has several great qualities. Beautiful, as well as useful, this vintage sideboard can be used in many different settings. Vintage buffets can serve multiple purposes in a home.

Vintage Sideboard

This lovely vintage sideboard is extremely high quality and very heavy. It has four drawers down the center and two smaller drawer and cabinet door to the left and right. Thus, the front of the sideboard is bowed outward. The top center drawer features dividers for silverware or serving pieces. Additionally, the cabinet sides each have a shelf inside. All in all, this vintage sideboard has tons of storage space!

The vintage sideboard features beautiful original hardware. We chose to polish this brass hardware to bring it back to fine original condition. The swan neck hardware glistens! Certainly, it sets off the Georgetown Galleries Buffet.

Fine Furniture Buffet

We chose to restore this vintage buffet. While many vintage stores tend to sell less than perfect, “as is” furniture, we aim to give people the true benefit of fine furniture in their homes. That is, we want them to experience the fine quality woods and construction techniques of furniture companies of the past. American companies, such as Georgetown Galleries, simply could not compete with modern imports in today’s economic atmosphere. As a result, many fine American furniture manufacturers faced bankruptcy in the last thirty years. Sadly, Georgetown Galleries of Martinsburg, WV met this fate.

Most modern furniture available these days features very fast growing woods. Unfortunately, while inexpensive, this furniture often lasts only a few years at most. Thus, we strive to introduce a higher level of furniture to people as an alternative. Obviously, this solid mahogany Georgetown Galleries buffet reigns supreme to most alternatives. By refinishing and restoring the piece, our clients can enjoy a top rate piece of furniture in their lives. This solid mahogany vintage sideboard will last for many more decades in your home.

Please feel free to contact us if you have questions regarding this piece. We can meet with you to inspect the Georgetown Galleries Buffet at our warehouse.