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Vintage Dining Table – Georgetown Galleries

Item: Vintage Solid Mahogany Drop Leaf Table with Gatelegs by Georgetown Galleries.

Age & Condition: Circa 1940-1950. Excellent Condition, refinished and Restored.

Size: 42″ wide x 28″ long (when closed) 30.5″ tall. When opened it is 72″ long.


Vintage Dining Table

Vintage Dining table crafted by Georgetown Galleries. This drop leaf vintage dining table has beautiful details and features. Although it dates to over 50 years old, the style and condition of the vintage dining table make it a great selection for any home today.

Georgetown Galleries

Georgetown Galleries furniture operated under two different names at the on-start. In 1905, the company operated under the name Empire Furniture. Then, they changed to Huntington furniture. Finally, in 1946, they changed their name to Georgetown Galleries.

The company manufactured out of Huntington, West Virginia. As the name suggests, Georgetown Galleries focused on reproduction furniture from the Colonial era. They made mostly cherry and mahogany furniture.

The company enjoyed success for about eight years under that name. They reached nationwide scale and had between 175 and 200 workers. Unfortunately, in 1954, they went bankrupt and were forced to sell their assets at auction.

Despite this business fate, Georgetown Galleries made phenomenal furniture. This vintage dining table displays all the qualities of a high quality piece of furniture. Of course, the thick boards of mahogany are evident on this drop leaf table. One only has to lift each leaf to feel the dense mahogany wood used in this gate-leg table.

The table has eight legs in total. Two legs on each side (four in total) swing to support the table leaves that rise upwards. Thus, the table has quite a bit of support. Indeed, it doesn’t sag or bow with the weight.

Additionally, there is a drawer on either side of the table. Brass hardware on both drawers.

We took time to refinish this beautiful table. The deep and long mahogany grain really came back to life with a little care and time. A new finish on a drop-leaf table such as this one will ensure years of use and enjoyment.