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Kittinger Dresser – Vintage Dresser

Item: Vintage Kittinger Solid Mahogany Nine Drawer Dresser (Charterhouse design).

Age & Condition: Circa 1960.Excellent Vintage Condition, restored and refinished.

Size: 60″ wide x 21.5″ deep x 35″ tall.

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Kittinger Dresser

Kittinger Dresser with nine drawers. This solid mahogany Kittinger Dresser exhibits excellent craftsmanship and great design. Kittinger Furniture company has an excellent reputation for fine quality furniture. Certainly, this vintage dresser by Kittinger represents no exception to this claim.

Vintage Dresser

This vintage dresser features excellent quality solid mahogany timber and oak as the secondary wood. Indeed, Kittinger almost exclusively used fine mahogany in the creation of their products. This vintage dresser was created for the “Charterhouse” line by Kittinger Furniture. If you haven’t heard of Kittinger before, you will certainly fall in love with this Buffalo New York Furniture company, as we have.

This vintage dresser has nine drawers in total. Three narrow drawers make up the first row of drawers. Then, as most double dressers, two columns of three drawers finish the piece. It has simple curved bracket feet. Of course, all the drawers are tightly dovetailed in all four corners of each drawer. You will also immediately notice the weight and thickness of each drawer. Obviously, this vintage dresser was built to last!

Finally, this Kittinger dresser has brass simple Colonial style hardware to complete the look. We polished the hardware to help it stand out even further.

Refinish Dresser

We decided to refinish this vintage dresser by Kittinger. While it certainly did not have terrible condition issues, we always wish to provide the best selection of vintage furniture possible. Sometimes that means doing extra work in order to provide a superior product. Refinishing furniture is as much an art as it is a science. Of course, it helps if you have great patience too.

A factory finish usually takes a team of people, complicated machines, and weeks of time to perfect. Our team can usually finish a dresser in about two weeks. We always recommend our customers use a high quality furniture wax or polish to keep our pieces looking great once or twice a year. Fortunately, there really is not a ton of maintenance required of our lacquer finish. This Kittinger dresser should last for several years to come. If you have the space, this long vintage dresser provides an excellent choice. Here are some other Kittinger pieces we have had in the past!

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