Mid Century Modern Style Chest, Three Drawer Modern Chest

Mid Century Modern Style Chest, Three Drawer Modern Chest

Nice vintage nightstands in solid cherry wood. These nice cherry end tables have a great look and show excellent quality.

Mid Century Modern Style Chest

Of course, the chest has three ample drawers that run on a track system. Also, each drawer has a groove to grab the drawer (rather than any type of hardware). Also, it has an apron that runs to the ground.

Three Drawer Modern Chest

Certainly, this three drawer modern chest has a good look. That said, it has a faux wood construction. Nonetheless, it would work for an office, printer table or any kind of utilitarian use.

Overall, it is in good condition, with minor signs of wear.

A mid-century modern style chest, especially one with three drawers, can be a sought-after piece of furniture known for its sleek design and functionality. Here are some factors to consider when evaluating its worth:

  1. Design Elements: Mid-century modern furniture is characterized by clean lines, geometric shapes, and minimal ornamentation. Assess the chest’s design to ensure it embodies these characteristics, including its overall silhouette, drawer fronts, and hardware.
  2. Material: Mid-century modern chests were often made from a variety of materials, including solid woods like teak, walnut, or oak, as well as veneers and laminates. Solid wood construction typically commands higher value due to its durability and authenticity.
  3. Construction Quality: Evaluate the craftsmanship and construction quality of the chest. Look for sturdy joinery methods, such as dovetail or mortise-and-tenon joints, which indicate quality construction. Check for any signs of damage, repairs, or structural issues.
  4. Designer or Manufacturer: Some mid-century modern furniture pieces were designed by renowned designers or produced by well-known manufacturers, which can significantly impact their value. Research the chest’s designer or manufacturer to determine if it has any historical significance or collectible value.
  5. Condition: The condition of the chest is crucial in determining its value. Look for any signs of wear, scratches, dents, or discoloration. Vintage pieces in excellent condition, with minimal wear and well-preserved finishes, tend to be more valuable.
  6. Provenance: Any documented history or provenance associated with the chest, such as being part of a notable collection or owned by a prominent figure, can increase its value.
  7. Market Demand: The current demand for mid-century modern furniture, particularly chests of drawers, can influence their market value. Research recent sales of similar items to gauge market trends and pricing.
  8. Local Market: Consider local market factors such as regional preferences and availability. Consulting with local antique dealers or furniture experts may provide insights specific to your area.

To determine the value of your mid-century modern style chest, consider consulting with antique furniture experts, appraisers, or dealers specializing in mid-century modern furniture. They can provide insights based on the specific details, condition, and market demand for your chest. Additionally, researching recent sales of similar items through auction houses or online marketplaces can help determine its market value.

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