Eastlake Furniture

Eastlake Cylinder Roll Desk, Antique Victorian Furniture

This is a beautiful roll top cylinder roll desk from the late 1800’s. It is made in the Eastlake Victorian style and has an incredibly detailed top crown, beautiful burl walnut veneers, and lovely delicate carvings throughout. The bookcase top opens to reveal yellow pine and walnut shelves, which are adjustable in height.

The cylinder roll desk is a beautiful 19th Century innovation that requires extreme precision and great craftsmanship. This one still functions incredibly well for its age, and does not seem to have any of the typical issues of warping or stickiness when rolled. It has a extendable wooden writing surface as well that appears to have been topped at one time with leather or felt. This period piece is a great example of Victorian craftsmanship and retains the original finish.

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