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What is an Antique Mantel Clock Worth? Value? Price?

What is an Antique Mantel Clock Worth? Do they have any vale? What’s a fair price? Our store, Bohemians antiques, sold the clock shown in the photograph in November of 2018 for about $1500. The clock was in pristine condition and had been professionally serviced.

These clocks in need of service and that may have been retouched can range between $400 and $2000. Depends on the size and beauty.
The specs on this American made clock were as follows.

Item: Antique Ansonia Figural Iron Mantel Clock.

Age & Condition: Circa 1885. Excellent Antique Condition. Serviced and Runs Very Well.

Size: 16″ wide x 8″ deep x 15″ tall.

Ansonia Mantel Clock
Beautiful antique Victorian Ansonia figural Iron Mantel Clock with the Roman God of Commerce, Mercury seated to the right of this beautiful timepiece. This Ansonia Mantel Clock has incredible detail, history and quality.

Figural Clock
This is what is known as a figural clock and was made by American Clock Company, Ansonia. Ansonia was formed in 1850 in Ansonia, Connecticut but factories were later moved to New York in the late 1800’s. Ansonia was one of the largest American Clock companies of the 19th Century, and sold millions of different clocks.

This iron Ansonia mantel clock is quite amazing for its level of detail and beauty. It was made in circa 1880 in the New York Factory and is marked in the face of the clock and in the works. It displays the God of Commerce, Mercury, with a winged helmet, Roman dress, shield and armor. Mercury is associated with communication and travel, as well as commerce, trickery and thieves!

This clock has been beautifully restored. It keeps very good time and strikes on the half hour and hour. The movement is quite unusual, being visible from the front face of the clock, and is quite mesmerizing to watch.

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