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Sligh Clock, Vintage Grandfather Clock

Item: Vintage Grandfather Clock by Sligh Furniture.

Age & Condition: Circa 2000. Case is in good shape. For oiling and maintenance we can recommend Northside Clock Shop (Hagerstown, MD).

Dimenions: 24.5″ wide x 14.5″ deep x 84.5″ tall.


Sligh Clock

Nice vintage tall case clock by Sligh Company. This clock has a beautiful case, face and chimes.

Of course, this vintage grandfather clock has so many incredible details that make it special. Firstly, the tall case features a lot of beautiful wood detail. It has fluted columns flanking each side. Additionally, it has an inlaid bonnet that also features a flame mahogany veneer across the top.

Also, the clock has a lot of glass that helps it appear lighter and fresher: it has an etched glass door in the front. Also, it has glass doors on the sides.

The clock face has a lot of great details. It has brass and silver plated details. Additionally, it has a classic moon dial that gives it a traditional feel.

Inside the clock, the brass chimes and oversized brass pendulum has an incredibly elegant look.

Vintage Grandfather Clock

Certainly, this vintage Grandfather Clock by Sligh has all of the earmarks of quality. The clock has been running and keeping time in the shop for a few days. That said, vintage Grandfather clocks do require maintenance and cleaning. For that service, we highly recommend Northside Clock Shop (Hagerstown, MD) for regular tunings and cleanings.

This vintage clock has three different chime settings: Westminster Chimes, Ava Maria and Beethoven 9th Symphony. It also has a silence option.