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Vintage Side Table – Tilt Top Table

Item: Vintage Mahogany Tilt Top Table.

Age & Condition: Circa 1930. Refinished and restored.

Size: 31″ wide x 29″ tall.

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Vintage Side Table

Vintage side table in solid mahogany wood. This side table is actually a tilt top table. It can be a pedestal table, but can also tilt upwards to save space.

Tilt Top Table

A Tilt top table is a nifty 18th century invention. Primarily, English women and men adopted the form of tilt top table for their afternoon teas. It was a stylish and practical piece of furniture. Of course, the tilting table allowed great flexibility. The single pedestal of these types of tables differ greatly from a rectangular tea table, or a dining table. The tripod legs of a tilt top can help it tuck easily into a corner of a room. Then, when it is needed, it is fairly easy for a person to lift and move the table.

This tilt top table has very pretty Chippendale elements. It has ball and claw feet with very exaggerated talons. It also has feather or leaf carving along each leg. Additionally, it has a beautiful carved pineapple base. Finally, it has a flattened rope style carving along the edges of the table top.

This table has been crafted of solid mahogany, presumably by an American company. Although, it is unmarked.

We decided to refinish and restore this tilt top table. The finish previously had worn in some places. We knew that a solid mahogany table could easily be sanded and restored. Vintage furniture of this age can usually go through quite a transformation with a bit of elbow grease and time. We removed the old finish. Then, we applied a stain. Finally, we sealed the tilting table with a few coats of lacquer. We have found lacquer to be one of the most durable and easily cared for finishes available. It also provides a nice look to an older piece.

This tilt top table will look beautiful in a living room or den. It is perfect for serving tea, or coffee and a tray of appetizers or refreshments.