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Vintage Napkin Table, Statton Furniture

Item: Vintage “Napkin” Table by Statton Furniture Company. Finished in-house.

Age & Condition: Circa 2000. Newly finished by Bohemians. Some imperfections to the table. Please see photos.

Dimensions: 26″ wide x 23″ deep x 25.5″ tall.


Vintage Napkin Table

Beautiful Cherry Napkin Table by high end furniture company, Statton Furniture. This lovely three-legged table has a very elegant look.

Of course, the table features three leaves that fold downwards. When opened, the table mimics a clover shape.

Additionally, the table has a very pretty detail on each leg.

Statton Furniture

This vintage napkin table was originally made by the Statton Furniture factories in Hagerstown, MD. However, we did the finish work on the table. Of course, with the dark cherry finish, it most resembles the “Old Towne” finish by Statton.

Overall, the table is in good vintage condition. However, it has a few imperfections. Please see photos.

What is a Statton Napkin Table worth?

This Statton Napkin table sold in May of 2022 for approximately $400.