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Antique Sewing Stand

Item: Antique Martha Washington Sewing Cabinet.

Age & Condition: Circa 1830. Very Good Antique Condition. Looks to have been refinished.

Size: 29″ wide x 16″ deep x 27.5″ tall.


Antique Sewing stand

Very nice solid mahogany Antique Sewing stand. This style of piece also goes by the name of “Martha Washington sewing cabinet.” This particular antique sewing stand dates to circa 1830.

This beautiful little piece appears to have been refinished at some point. The finish of the mahogany sewing stand still exudes warmth. In fact, the restorer did a very nice job to preserve the antique look. (We did not personally refinish this piece.)

Also, the antique sewing stand has lovely glass swirl knobs. The piece has two deep hinged cabinet sides, for yarn or other sewing fabric. In addition, it has three small drawers in the middle. The maker of the sewing cabinet employed hand dovetailing on all the drawers. Equally important, the adorable sweet legs have a nice Sheraton style.

From the construction, underside and dovetailing, we estimate this sewing cabinet was made originally in about 1830-1850. However, the finish, knobs and hinges date to a more contemporary period.

This little antique sewing stand is perfect for sewing supplies. Of course, artists, writers and collectors could stash any number of things inside. This stand can store pens, writing supplies or any small tools or knick-knacks. Sewing cabinets such as this add quite a bit of charm to historic homes. They have so much personality! Even simply as an artifact, sewing stands such as this bring a room to life!