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Antique Bed, Jenny Lind Style Bed, Victorian Bed

Item: Antique Jenny Lind Style Bed (Three Quarters Size Bed)

Age & Condition: Circa 1900. Very Good Antique Condition.

Dimensions:50.5″ wide x 81.5″ long x 49″ tall. The inner dimensions are 48″ wide x 76″ long.


Antique Bed

Beautiful solid cherry antique bed in solid cherry wood. This beautiful Jenny Lind Style bed has a great look and shows great condition.

Of course, this antique bed features a specialty size. In other words, because it was made before modern mattresses, it fits an unusual size.

The mattress needed for this bed should be roughly 45″ by 75″. In other words, you can put a twin size mattress on the bed, although it will be a bit narrower (by about 6 inches). Also, you can order a smaller mattress and boxspring from a custom mattress shop.

Ideal for a small bedroom, this antique bed shows great condition and has a beautiful paneled headboard.

Jenny Lind Style Bed

Indeed, Jenny Lind Style beds became popular at the turn of the century. The actress, Jenny Lind made these types of spindle beds popular.

This solid cherry wood bed shows great condition.