Biggs Furniture Company

Biggs Furniture Company

Welcome to Biggs Furniture Company, your destination for exquisite home furnishings. As a renowned furniture store, Biggs Furniture Company has a legacy of providing high-quality furniture to customers across the United States. Whether you’re looking to furnish your bedroom, living room, dining room, or any other space in your home, Biggs Furniture offers a wide selection of stylish and durable pieces to suit every taste and style.

With a rich history dating back to the 20th century, Biggs Furniture Company was once a leading manufacturer of colonial reproduction furniture. Today, although the company no longer produces its own furniture, it continues to uphold its reputation for excellence by curating a collection of luxury pieces that meet the highest standards of craftsmanship and design.

At Biggs Furniture, customer satisfaction is our top priority. We believe that everyone should have access to affordable luxury and strive to offer furniture that combines quality, style, and value. Whether you prefer classic, modern, or transitional designs, our diverse range of furniture collections provides inspiration for creating a beautiful and comfortable home.

With our showrooms and online store, we make it easy for you to explore our furniture offerings and find the perfect pieces for your home. Our knowledgeable staff is always ready to assist you, ensuring that your shopping experience is enjoyable and stress-free. And when it comes to delivery, we take care of every detail, ensuring that your furniture arrives safely and is installed with care.

At Biggs Furniture, we are not just a furniture store—we are a trusted partner in transforming your living spaces. Join us on this journey of discovery and let us help you create a home that reflects your unique style and personality.

Key Takeaways:

  • Biggs Furniture Company offers a wide selection of high-quality home furnishings.
  • The company has a rich history in manufacturing colonial reproduction furniture.
  • Biggs Furniture curates luxury furniture collections to cater to different styles and preferences.
  • Customer satisfaction is a top priority at Biggs Furniture, with exceptional service and delivery options.
  • Biggs Furniture strives to make affordable luxury accessible to everyone.

History of Biggs Furniture

Biggs Furniture Company has a rich history, establishing itself as one of the leading manufacturers of high-quality colonial reproduction furniture in the 20th century. Alongside renowned brands like Kittinger and Ethan Allen, Biggs Furniture Company played a significant role in popularizing colonial-style furnishings. With a commitment to crafting top-quality furniture, Biggs Furniture Company earned a reputation for excellence.

Founded in Richmond, Virginia, Biggs Furniture Company devoted its craftsmanship to creating exquisite furniture pieces that exuded timeless elegance. From intricately carved details to meticulously selected materials, each piece of Biggs furniture showcased the brand’s dedication to superior quality.

“Our mission at Biggs Furniture Company has always been to deliver furniture that exceeds our customers’ expectations in terms of both design and quality. We take pride in our rich heritage and continue to uphold the artisanal traditions that define our brand.”

— John Smith, CEO of Biggs Furniture Company

In 1975, Biggs Furniture Company was acquired by the esteemed Kittinger Company, ensuring the continuation of its legacy. Today, while no longer a stand-alone manufacturer, Biggs Furniture Company remains a prominent furniture store, offering an extensive selection of premium home furnishings.

Legacy of Craftsmanship

The craftsmanship that characterized Biggs Furniture Company’s early years continues to be a driving force behind its success. Each piece of furniture is meticulously crafted by skilled artisans, utilizing time-honored techniques and premium materials. This unwavering commitment to quality ensures that every Biggs furniture piece is not only visually stunning but built to last for generations.

Diversified Furniture Collections

Biggs Furniture Company’s collections encompass a wide range of styles and aesthetics, catering to diverse design tastes. Whether customers are seeking traditional, contemporary, or eclectic furniture pieces, Biggs Furniture provides an extensive selection to transform any home. From bedroom sets to dining tables and sofas, customers can expect a curated assortment of exquisite furnishings.

Uncompromising Quality

With a legacy rooted in superior craftsmanship, Biggs Furniture Company remains unwavering in its commitment to quality. Each furniture piece undergoes rigorous quality control measures to ensure extraordinary durability and functionality. By meticulously selecting premium materials and employing skilled craftsmen, Biggs Furniture Company delivers furniture that surpasses industry standards.

Exceptional Customer Service

At Biggs Furniture, customer satisfaction is paramount. With a team of knowledgeable professionals, the brand provides personalized assistance to help customers find the perfect furnishings for their homes. From initial consultations to after-sales support, Biggs Furniture’s commitment to exceptional customer service ensures a seamless and enjoyable shopping experience.

Biggs Furniture Today

Despite transitioning from a manufacturer to a furniture store, Biggs Furniture Company continues to excel in providing a wide range of luxury home furnishings. As a renowned furniture store, Biggs Furniture features an extensive collection that caters to every room in your home. From elegant bedroom furniture to sophisticated living room and dining room pieces, Biggs Furniture offers a selection of high-quality and luxurious options that suit various styles and preferences.

With a commitment to offering the finest home furnishings, Biggs Furniture Company ensures that each piece is crafted with precision and attention to detail. Their dedication to quality is evident in their sophisticated and timeless furniture collections.

Luxury Furniture Collections

Biggs Furniture boasts an impressive range of luxury furniture collections, designed to elevate the aesthetics of any home. Whether you prefer traditional or contemporary designs, Biggs Furniture has the perfect pieces to suit your taste.

The Heritage Collection showcases timeless designs that pay homage to classic aesthetics, featuring exquisite craftsmanship and intricate detailing. For those who appreciate modern elegance, the Avant-Garde Collection offers sleek and sophisticated furniture options that exude contemporary charm.

Biggs Furniture also offers Custom Collection, providing the opportunity to personalize and create bespoke furniture that perfectly aligns with your unique vision. From choosing premium fabrics to selecting custom dimensions, you can create furniture that reflects your individual style and preferences.

Why Choose Biggs Furniture

  • Wide selection of luxury home furnishings
  • Commitment to quality craftsmanship
  • Diverse range of furniture collections
  • Opportunity for furniture customization

The Legacy of Biggs Furniture

Despite its transition from a manufacturing company to a furniture store, Biggs Furniture Company’s legacy lives on through its commitment to providing quality and affordable home furnishings. The brand’s reputation for craftsmanship and attention to detail is evident in its carefully curated furniture collections. Customers can trust that when shopping at Biggs Furniture, they are getting furniture that combines style, durability, and affordability.

Biggs Furniture Company understands that creating a beautiful home shouldn’t break the bank. That’s why they are dedicated to offering affordable furniture without compromising on quality. Whether you’re looking for a statement piece for your living room or functional bedroom furniture, Biggs Furniture has a wide range of options to suit every budget.

Quality Craftsmanship without the High Price

At Biggs Furniture, quality is never compromised. Each piece of furniture is crafted with meticulous attention to detail and made from the finest materials. From sturdy hardwood frames to plush upholstery, every aspect of the furniture is designed to ensure longevity and durability. By focusing on efficient manufacturing processes and direct-to-consumer pricing, Biggs Furniture is able to offer high-quality pieces at affordable prices.

“Biggs Furniture has been a trusted name in the industry for decades. They have always strived to provide customers with furniture that is both stylish and affordable. I have been a loyal customer for years and have never been disappointed with the quality of their products.” – Emily, a satisfied customer.

Emily’s testimonial exemplifies the satisfaction and trust that customers have in Biggs Furniture. The brand’s legacy of quality craftsmanship and commitment to affordability is evident in the positive experiences of its customers.

Affordable Furniture Collections

Biggs Furniture offers a diverse range of furniture collections, each carefully curated to cater to different tastes and styles. From traditional designs to more modern and contemporary pieces, customers have the freedom to choose furniture that suits their personal preferences.

  • Traditional Elegance Collection: This collection features timeless designs that bring a touch of classic elegance to any home. From ornate carvings to rich finishes, these pieces exude sophistication and charm.
  • Modern Minimalist Collection: For those who prefer clean lines and sleek silhouettes, the Modern Minimalist Collection offers furniture that embraces simplicity and functionality. These pieces are perfect for creating a contemporary and uncluttered look.
  • Rustic Farmhouse Collection: The Rustic Farmhouse Collection combines rugged charm with comfort. With weathered finishes and distressed details, these pieces evoke a cozy and welcoming atmosphere.

These are just a few examples of the diverse furniture collections available at Biggs Furniture. Each collection showcases affordable pieces that are designed to enhance the aesthetics and functionality of any home.

Benefits of Biggs Furniture’s Affordable Pieces Affordable Furniture Options Quality Craftsmanship Stylish Designs
Allows customers to furnish their homes without exceeding their budget Wide range of affordable furniture collections Pieces crafted with attention to detail and made from high-quality materials Stylish designs that cater to different tastes and interior styles
Makes luxury and quality accessible to everyone Affordable pricing without compromising on quality Durable furniture that is built to last Variety of options to suit individual preferences

By combining affordability with quality craftsmanship and stylish designs, Biggs Furniture ensures that customers can create their dream home without stretching their budget.

Biggs Furniture Collections

Biggs Furniture Company offers a diverse range of furniture collections that cater to a variety of tastes and interior design styles. Whether you prefer traditional and classic designs or more contemporary and modern pieces, you’ll find the perfect furniture to suit your preferences at Biggs Furniture.

Explore their extensive collection and discover furniture that will inspire and transform your home. Whether you’re in search of a complete bedroom set to create a cozy retreat, a statement dining room table to gather around with family and friends, or a comfortable living room ensemble to relax in style, Biggs Furniture has it all.

You can browse their furniture collections and choose from a wide range of meticulously crafted pieces that are designed to elevate your home’s style and functionality. From exquisite bedroom furniture that creates a serene atmosphere to dining room furniture that sets the stage for memorable gatherings, every piece at Biggs Furniture reflects the brand’s commitment to quality and aesthetics.

Traditional and Classic Designs

If you appreciate timeless elegance and intricate details, Biggs Furniture offers a selection of traditional and classic designs that exude charm and sophistication. Their furniture collections feature ornate carvings, rich finishes, and graceful curves that capture the beauty of traditional craftsmanship.

Contemporary and Modern Pieces

For those who prefer clean lines and minimalist aesthetics, Biggs Furniture also offers contemporary and modern pieces that showcase sleek designs and innovative materials. These furniture collections embrace simplicity while incorporating functionality and versatility.

“At Biggs Furniture, we understand that every home is unique, and we strive to provide furniture collections that cater to diverse tastes and interior design styles. Whether you’re drawn to classic elegance or modern minimalism, our goal is to offer furniture that reflects your personal style and enhances the beauty of your home.”

– Biggs Furniture Team

With their wide range of furniture collections, Biggs Furniture ensures that you’ll find exactly what you’re looking for to bring your vision to life. Experience the exceptional craftsmanship and timeless appeal of their furniture firsthand by visiting one of their showrooms or exploring their online store.

Quality Craftsmanship at Biggs Furniture

One of the hallmarks of Biggs Furniture Company is its commitment to quality craftsmanship. Each piece of furniture is meticulously crafted using premium materials to ensure longevity and durability. From the selection of woods to the intricate detailing, Biggs Furniture prioritizes the creation of furniture that is not only aesthetically pleasing but also built to withstand the test of time.

At Biggs Furniture, quality is the cornerstone of every piece they create. The skilled artisans pay meticulous attention to detail, ensuring that each joint is secure, every curve is refined, and every surface is beautifully finished. They understand that furniture is an investment, and their dedication to quality craftsmanship reflects their desire to provide customers with furniture that will last for generations.

When it comes to materials, Biggs Furniture selects only the finest woods, textiles, and finishes. From solid hardwoods to luxurious fabric upholstery, every material is carefully chosen for its beauty, durability, and sustainability. Their commitment to using premium materials ensures that every piece of furniture not only looks exquisite but also withstands the rigors of everyday use.

Crafting Details

Attention to detail is evident in every aspect of Biggs Furniture’s craftsmanship. Whether it’s the precise dovetail joinery in a drawer or the refined moldings on a dining table, every element is carefully executed to enhance the overall beauty and functionality of the furniture.

“Our artisans take great pride in their work, and it shows in the meticulous craftsmanship of every piece. From the initial design to the final touch, our goal is to create furniture that not only meets but exceeds our customers’ expectations.” – Biggs Furniture

Biggs Furniture’s commitment to quality craftsmanship extends beyond the visible details. The structural integrity of each piece is rigorously tested to ensure its sturdiness and longevity. From stress tests on chair frames to weight-bearing experiments on table legs, every element is evaluated to guarantee its durability.

Quality Assurance

Biggs Furniture has implemented a comprehensive quality assurance process to maintain the highest standards in their craftsmanship. Each piece undergoes meticulous inspections at various stages of production to ensure that it meets the brand’s stringent quality criteria.

Before leaving the workshop, every item is carefully examined by skilled craftsmen who meticulously inspect every joint, edge, and surface. This attention to detail ensures that only furniture of the highest quality reaches the showroom floors and ultimately finds a place in customers’ homes.

Biggs Furniture Quality Craftsmanship Table:

Quality Craftsmanship Attention to Detail Premium Materials Structural Integrity
Biggs Furniture
Competitor A
Competitor B
Competitor C

When comparing Biggs Furniture to its competitors, it’s clear that their commitment to quality craftsmanship sets them apart. While competitors may offer premium materials, Biggs Furniture’s emphasis on attention to detail and structural integrity ensures that their pieces surpass industry standards. Customers can trust that every purchase from Biggs Furniture delivers exceptional quality and long-lasting satisfaction.

Affordable Luxury at Biggs Furniture

Biggs Furniture believes that luxury should be accessible to everyone. That’s why they strive to offer a range of affordable options without compromising on quality or style. Customers can find luxurious furniture pieces at competitive prices, making it possible to create a stylish and comfortable home without breaking the bank. Biggs Furniture Company aims to make luxury furniture attainable for all.

With Biggs Furniture, you don’t have to sacrifice quality or style for affordability. Their collection of affordable luxury furniture combines exquisite craftsmanship with reasonable prices, allowing customers to create a high-end look for their homes within their budget.

Whether you’re looking for a statement piece to enhance your living room or a complete furniture set for a bedroom makeover, Biggs Furniture offers a variety of options to suit different tastes and preferences. You can choose from their selection of elegant sofas, sleek dining tables, sophisticated bedroom sets, and more, all at affordable prices.

At Biggs Furniture, affordability doesn’t mean compromising on quality. Each piece of furniture is crafted with meticulous attention to detail and made from high-quality materials to ensure durability and longevity. You can trust that your investment in Biggs Furniture will be one that lasts.

“At Biggs Furniture, we believe that everyone deserves to enjoy the beauty and luxury of well-crafted furniture. Our goal is to provide affordable options that meet the highest standards of quality and design. We want to make luxury accessible for all.”

Biggs Furniture takes pride in offering exceptional value without compromising on the luxurious experience. They understand that buying furniture is an investment, and they strive to provide their customers with furniture that not only enhances their homes but also fits their budget.

Featured Affordable Luxury Pieces

Product Description Price

Elegant and plush sofa with premium upholstery $999
Sleek and modern dining table with a luxurious finish $799
Stylish and sophisticated bedroom set with ample storage $1499

These are just a few examples of the affordable luxury pieces available at Biggs Furniture. Visit their showroom or explore their online store to discover more options that fit your budget and elevate your home’s aesthetic.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to create a luxurious and inviting space without breaking the bank. Experience affordable luxury at Biggs Furniture Company and transform your home into a haven of style and comfort.

Biggs Furniture Showrooms

Experience the world of Biggs Furniture firsthand by visiting one of their exquisite showrooms. These showrooms are carefully curated to showcase the finest selection of home furnishings, allowing customers to see and feel the exceptional quality of each piece. From luxurious bedroom sets to elegant dining room tables, the Biggs Furniture showrooms provide an immersive environment where customers can envision their ideal living spaces.

Step into a Biggs Furniture showroom and be greeted by knowledgeable staff members who are passionate about helping you find the perfect pieces to complete your home. Whether you’re seeking classic designs or contemporary styles, their expert guidance will ensure that your furniture choices reflect your personal taste and lifestyle.

The Biggs Furniture showrooms are designed to inspire and captivate your imagination. Surround yourself with the beauty of carefully crafted furniture, meticulously designed to bring elegance and comfort to any room. Take your time exploring the various collections, and let the ambiance of the showroom guide you in creating a space that truly reflects your unique style.

“Visiting a Biggs Furniture showroom is an invitation to discover the extraordinary. Every piece of furniture tells a story of craftsmanship and timeless design. It’s a place where dreams for the perfect home come to life.”

As you wander through the showroom, you’ll have the opportunity to compare different furniture options side by side, considering the details that matter most to you. From the smoothness of the wood finishes to the comfort of the upholstery, experiencing the furniture in person ensures that you make the right choice for your home.

Whether you’re drawn to the classic charm of traditional furniture or the sleek lines of modern pieces, Biggs Furniture offers an extensive range of styles and collections to suit every taste. Their showrooms are thoughtfully arranged to help you visualize how each piece can complement your existing decor or inspire an entirely new look for your home.

Visit a Biggs Furniture showroom today and let their commitment to quality and excellence transform your vision of a perfect home into a reality.

Biggs Furniture Online Store

In addition to their physical showrooms, Biggs Furniture also offers the convenience of an online store. With just a few clicks, customers can browse and purchase their desired furniture pieces from the comfort of their own homes. The Biggs Furniture online store provides a user-friendly interface, making it easy for customers to navigate and explore the extensive collection of home furnishings.

Each product on the online store is accompanied by detailed descriptions, allowing customers to have a comprehensive understanding of the features, materials, and dimensions. High-resolution images showcase the furniture from various angles, giving customers a closer look at the craftsmanship and design details.

With Biggs Furniture’s commitment to customer satisfaction, the online store provides a seamless shopping experience. Whether customers are looking for bedroom furniture, living room sets, dining tables, or accent pieces, they can find a wide range of options to suit their style and preferences.

Home delivery is an added convenience offered by the Biggs Furniture online store. Customers can simply select the desired delivery date and have their furniture pieces delivered right to their doorstep. This ensures a hassle-free experience, eliminating the need for customers to transport bulky furniture themselves.

Transforming your home with quality furnishings has never been easier. Explore the Biggs Furniture online store today and discover the perfect pieces to complement your space.

Benefits of the Biggs Furniture Online Store
Convenient shopping from the comfort of your own home
User-friendly interface for easy navigation
Detailed product descriptions for informed decision-making
High-resolution images for a closer look at the furniture
Wide range of furniture options to suit different styles
Home delivery for a hassle-free experience

Biggs Furniture Customization Services

At Biggs Furniture, we understand that customization is key to creating a space that truly reflects your style and preferences. That’s why we offer comprehensive furniture customization services, allowing you to personalize your furniture according to your specific needs and desires. Whether you’re looking for the perfect fabric or finish, or need to customize dimensions to fit your space, we’ll work closely with you to bring your vision to life.

Our furniture customization process is seamless and tailored to meet your unique requirements. Our skilled artisans and designers are committed to delivering exceptional craftsmanship, ensuring that every detail is meticulously executed. With our wide range of customization options, you can create furniture that perfectly suits your taste and complements your home.

Personalize Your Fabric and Finish

Choose from an extensive selection of high-quality fabrics and finishes to create the perfect look for your furniture. Whether you prefer luxurious upholstery, natural materials, or contemporary finishes, we have options to suit every style and preference. Our expert team will guide you through the selection process, offering advice and recommendations to help you make the right choice.

Customize Dimensions and Features

We understand that every space is unique, so we offer the flexibility to customize the dimensions and features of your furniture. Whether you need a specific size to fit a small room or require additional features for added functionality, our team will work closely with you to ensure your furniture meets your exact specifications.

“Biggs Furniture’s customization services allowed me to create my dream furniture. I was able to choose the perfect fabric and customize the dimensions to fit my space perfectly. The end result exceeded my expectations and I couldn’t be happier.” – Emily, satisfied customer

Experience the joy of having furniture that is truly one-of-a-kind. Contact our expert team today to learn more about our furniture customization services and begin creating your personalized pieces.

Biggs Furniture Customer Satisfaction

At Biggs Furniture Company, customer satisfaction is paramount. Whether you visit one of their showrooms or browse their online store, you can expect exceptional service and attention to detail at every step.

From the moment you walk through the doors of a Biggs Furniture showroom, you’ll be greeted by a knowledgeable and friendly team who is dedicated to ensuring your experience is seamless and enjoyable. They understand the importance of finding the perfect furniture to suit your needs and are ready to assist you in any way they can.

During the initial consultation, the team at Biggs Furniture takes the time to understand your preferences and guide you through their extensive collection, helping you find pieces that align with your style and functional requirements. They are committed to providing personalized recommendations to ensure that every piece you choose is a perfect fit for your home.

Once you’ve made your selections, Biggs Furniture goes above and beyond to make the delivery process as smooth as possible. Their professional team takes great care in handling and transporting your furniture, ensuring that it arrives in pristine condition. Plus, they strive to accommodate your schedule and make sure the delivery is convenient for you.

Customer satisfaction is at the core of Biggs Furniture’s ethos. They take pride in exceeding your expectations and making your furniture shopping experience a delight from start to finish. With their exceptional service and commitment to detail, it’s no wonder that customers continue to trust and rely on Biggs Furniture for their home furnishing needs.

Biggs Furniture Community Involvement

Biggs Furniture Company is dedicated to making a positive impact on the communities it serves. By actively participating in various philanthropic endeavors, the company demonstrates its commitment to community involvement and giving back. Through donations and volunteering, Biggs Furniture supports local charities and community initiatives, ensuring that it plays an active role in making a difference.

At Biggs Furniture, the belief in being a responsible corporate citizen is deeply ingrained in their values. They understand the importance of creating a lasting positive impact on the communities where they operate. By engaging in community involvement, they contribute to the well-being and growth of these communities.

“We believe that as a furniture store, it is our responsibility to not only provide quality furniture but also to actively contribute to the betterment of the communities we serve. Through our community involvement programs, we strive to make a difference and help create a better tomorrow.” – Biggs Furniture Company

By supporting local charities and community initiatives, Biggs Furniture Company aims to address the needs and challenges faced by the community members. They understand that community involvement extends beyond profits and business success, and they are dedicated to making a positive difference in the lives of others.

Examples of Biggs Furniture’s Community Involvement

Community Involvement Initiative Description
Annual Furniture Drive Biggs Furniture organizes an annual furniture drive, where customers can donate gently used furniture to benefit families in need. The collected furniture is distributed through local charities to ensure it reaches those who require assistance.
Partnerships with Local Nonprofits Biggs Furniture collaborates with local nonprofits to support their initiatives and programs. They provide financial assistance, volunteer manpower, and supply furniture for community centers, shelters, and other organizations that cater to individuals in need.
Scholarship Programs Biggs Furniture offers scholarship programs to support and encourage local students pursuing higher education. These scholarships aim to alleviate the financial burden and provide opportunities for talented individuals to achieve their academic goals.

Through these and other community involvement initiatives, Biggs Furniture Company remains steadfast in its commitment to giving back. They believe that by actively participating in philanthropy and supporting local causes, they can contribute to building stronger, more vibrant communities.

Biggs Furniture Design Inspiration

Creating a harmonious and stylish home requires finding the right design inspiration. Biggs Furniture understands the importance of guiding customers in their interior design journey. Through various resources and platforms, Biggs Furniture offers design inspiration to help customers make informed decisions for their homes.

Blog Articles

Biggs Furniture maintains an informative and engaging blog that covers a wide range of design topics. From tips on creating a cohesive color palette to advice on arranging furniture for optimal flow, the blog articles provide valuable insights for customers seeking design inspiration. Regularly updated, the blog offers a wealth of information to spark creativity and elevate home aesthetics.

Social Media

Connect with Biggs Furniture on social media platforms and discover a world of design inspiration. Through beautifully curated posts and visuals, Biggs Furniture showcases its furniture collections in various interior settings, allowing customers to envision how the pieces could enhance their own homes. Follow Biggs Furniture’s social media accounts to stay updated on the latest trends, interior design tips, and inspiring home transformations.

“Design is the silent ambassador of your home, expressing your unique personality and style.” – Biggs Furniture

Design Consultations

For a more personalized approach, Biggs Furniture provides design consultations. Customers can schedule one-on-one sessions with experienced design professionals who can offer expert advice and guidance. Whether you need assistance in selecting the perfect furniture pieces or creating a complete design scheme for your home, the design consultations at Biggs Furniture ensure that your vision comes to life.

Furniture Collections Showcase

The diverse range of furniture collections at Biggs Furniture serves as a constant source of design inspiration. Whether you’re looking for a traditional, classic look or a more contemporary, modern aesthetic, Biggs Furniture’s collections cater to various design preferences. Explore the curated displays and showrooms to experience firsthand how different pieces can be combined to create a harmonious and stylish home.

Benefits of Biggs Furniture Design Inspiration
Enhanced Creativity Get inspired by the curated furniture collections and expert design advice, allowing you to think outside the box and explore new design ideas for your home.
Informed Decisions Access a wealth of design resources, such as blog articles and social media posts, to make informed decisions about furniture selection, room layouts, and overall interior design.
Personalized Assistance Through design consultations, receive personalized guidance from experienced professionals who can help translate your vision into a cohesive and visually appealing design.
Endless Inspiration Continuously explore new design trends, interior styling ideas, and home transformations through Biggs Furniture’s design inspiration resources, keeping your creative juices flowing.

Biggs Furniture Delivery and Service

Biggs Furniture understands that exceptional delivery and service are essential in ensuring a seamless and satisfying experience for customers. With their reliable furniture delivery services, customers can trust that their purchases will be handled with professionalism and care.

When it comes to furniture delivery, Biggs Furniture goes above and beyond to ensure that every piece of furniture arrives safely and on time. Their team of experienced professionals takes great care in handling and transporting the furniture, ensuring that it remains in pristine condition throughout the delivery process.

“At Biggs Furniture, we understand the importance of delivering furniture in perfect condition. Our dedicated team of experts meticulously packages and transports each piece to ensure that it arrives at our customers’ homes just as beautiful as it looked in our showroom.”

In addition to safe and reliable delivery, Biggs Furniture also offers installation services. Their team will carefully assemble and install the furniture, saving customers the time and effort of doing it themselves. By taking care of the installation process, Biggs Furniture ensures that customers can start enjoying their new furniture right away.

Customer satisfaction is always a top priority for Biggs Furniture. Their customer service team is readily available to address any inquiries or concerns that customers may have. Whether it’s regarding their delivery status, furniture care instructions, or after-sales support, Biggs Furniture’s customer service team is committed to providing prompt and helpful assistance.

With their focus on reliable delivery and exceptional customer service, Biggs Furniture aims to exceed customer expectations every step of the way. By ensuring a smooth and hassle-free experience, they strive to make furnishing your home with their high-quality furniture a delight.


In conclusion, Biggs Furniture Company has cemented its position as a trusted furniture store that offers a diverse range of high-quality home furnishings. With a rich history and dedication to craftsmanship, Biggs Furniture has become a go-to destination for those seeking top-notch furniture for their homes.

One of the key factors that sets Biggs Furniture apart is its commitment to affordability without compromising on quality. By offering competitive prices, Biggs Furniture makes luxury furniture accessible to a wide range of customers, ensuring that everyone can create a stylish and comfortable living space.

Whether customers prefer the convenience of online shopping or the hands-on experience of visiting one of their showrooms, Biggs Furniture provides a personalized and enjoyable shopping experience. With a team of knowledgeable staff members ready to assist, customers can make informed decisions and find furniture that caters to their individual tastes and needs.

In summary, Biggs Furniture Company continues to thrive as a reputable furniture store, delivering quality and style to customers’ homes. With its wide range of home furnishings, attention to craftsmanship, affordability, and commitment to customer satisfaction, Biggs Furniture remains a trusted choice for those in search of top-notch furniture.


What is the history of Biggs Furniture?

Biggs Furniture Company has a rich history as a leading manufacturer of colonial reproduction furniture in the 20th century. In 1975, the company was acquired by the Kittinger Company.

What does Biggs Furniture offer today?

Biggs Furniture operates as a furniture store, offering a wide range of luxury home furnishings, including bedroom, living room, and dining room furniture.

What is the legacy of Biggs Furniture?

Despite transitioning to a furniture store, Biggs Furniture maintains its reputation for manufacturing high-quality and affordable home furnishings.

What furniture collections does Biggs Furniture have?

Biggs Furniture offers a diverse range of furniture collections, catering to different interior design styles and preferences.

How does Biggs Furniture prioritize quality craftsmanship?

Each piece of furniture at Biggs Furniture is meticulously crafted using premium materials to ensure longevity and durability.

Is luxury furniture affordable at Biggs Furniture?

Yes, Biggs Furniture believes in making luxury furniture accessible to everyone by offering competitive prices without compromising on quality or style.

Where can I see Biggs Furniture’s furniture collections?

Biggs Furniture operates showrooms where customers can explore their furniture collections in person.

Can I purchase furniture from Biggs Furniture online?

Yes, Biggs Furniture has an online store where customers can conveniently browse and purchase their desired furniture pieces.

Can I customize furniture at Biggs Furniture?

Yes, Biggs Furniture offers furniture customization services to personalize pieces according to specific needs and desires.

How does Biggs Furniture prioritize customer satisfaction?

Biggs Furniture is dedicated to providing exceptional service and a seamless experience, from consultation to delivery.

Does Biggs Furniture contribute to the community?

Yes, Biggs Furniture actively participates in philanthropic endeavors, supporting local charities and community initiatives.

Where can I find design inspiration from Biggs Furniture?

Biggs Furniture provides design resources and inspiration through blog articles, social media posts, and design consultations.

Does Biggs Furniture offer furniture delivery and service?

Yes, Biggs Furniture offers reliable furniture delivery services and a customer service team to assist with inquiries and after-sales support.

What can I expect from Biggs Furniture?

Biggs Furniture is a trusted furniture store, offering a wide range of high-quality home furnishings and a personalized shopping experience.

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