Antique Dinner Plates, Limoges Dinner Plates, Cobalt Blue and Gold, Set of Eight

Antique Dinner Plates, Limoges Dinner Plates, Cobalt Blue and Gold, Set of Eight

Beautiful Antique Dinner Plates made by Limoges in France. These lovely antique dinner plates have gorgeous colors and vibrancy.

Certainly, the porcelain factories in Limoges France are some of the most renowned in the world. These particular plates have a stamp from the retailer “Mansard 34 Rue Paradis Paris.”

Antique Dinner Plates

Overall, the plates do some signs of age, such as some fading of the gold rims. However, they truly stand out as beautiful antique plates for any collection.

They have a lovely inner rim of deep Cobalt blue, and a gorgeous plated gold outer rim with lots of texture. Of course, the plates also feature a beautiful scalloped shape. Most likely, these Limoges Dinner Plates date to circa 1910.

Limoges dinner plates, especially those adorned with cobalt blue and gold, are often highly prized by collectors for their exquisite craftsmanship and elegance. Here are some factors to consider when assessing the value of a set of eight antique Limoges dinner plates:

Manufacturer: Limoges porcelain has been produced in the Limoges region of France for centuries and is renowned for its quality and beauty. Different manufacturers within the Limoges region may have varying levels of prestige and recognition among collectors.

Age: Older Limoges pieces, particularly those from the 19th and early 20th centuries, are generally more valuable than more recent pieces. Look for marks or stamps on the plates that can help determine their age and authenticity.

Condition: As with any antique item, the condition of the plates is crucial to their value. Plates with minimal signs of wear, no chips or cracks, and well-preserved gold detailing will command higher prices.

Design: Cobalt blue and gold designs are classic and highly sought after in Limoges dinnerware. Intricate patterns, elaborate gilding, and fine detailing can significantly enhance the value of the plates.

Provenance: Plates with a documented history or connection to a notable previous owner or event may be more valuable to collectors.

Completeness of the Set: A complete set of eight plates is more desirable to collectors than an incomplete set. Ensure that all plates are present and matching in design and condition.

Market Demand: The current demand for Limoges dinnerware, particularly in the specific cobalt blue and gold pattern, will influence their market value. Trends in collecting can also affect prices over time.

To determine the value of your set of eight antique Limoges dinner plates, consider consulting with antique dealers, appraisers, or collectors who specialize in Limoges porcelain. They can provide insights based on the specific details and condition of your plates, as well as current market trends. Additionally, researching recent sales of similar items through auction houses or online marketplaces can help gauge their market value.

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