Antique Dinner Plates, George and Sons, Set of 12

Antique Dinner Plates, George and Sons, Set of 12

Beautiful antique dinner plates with gorgeous hand painted details. Each of these twelve dinner plates has a unique hand painted design!

Of course, these antique dinner plates have a gorgeous color palette. The plates feature a lovely deep blue, gold, pink and yellow color scheme.

Antique Dinner Plates

Each plate has a theme of English roses in the center. Additionally, the plate shape is quite a unique octagonal shape. Finally, the plates show great vintage condition, with only minimal signs of use.

George and Sons China

Certainly, George and Sons China has a reputation for fine bone china and porcelain. These plates show very nice quality. They most likely date to circa 1910.

Antique dinner plates by George and Sons can hold significant historical and aesthetic value, depending on their age, condition, and design. To accurately assess the value of a set of 12 plates, it’s essential to consider various factors such as:

Manufacturer: George and Sons is a well-known name in antique china and pottery. Their pieces can be highly sought after by collectors.

Age: The age of the dinner plates can greatly influence their value. Older pieces are typically more valuable, especially if they’re from a desirable period or bear specific marks or patterns associated with a particular era.

Condition: The condition of the plates is crucial. Plates with chips, cracks, or significant wear may be worth less than those in excellent condition. Any restoration work can also affect their value.

Pattern: Some patterns or designs produced by George and Sons might be more desirable to collectors than others. Rare or discontinued patterns can command higher prices.

Provenance: If the plates have a notable history or provenance, such as being part of a famous collection or associated with a significant historical event or figure, this can increase their value.

Market Demand: The current demand for antique dinnerware, particularly from George and Sons, can impact their value. Trends in collecting can influence prices over time.

To get an accurate assessment of the value of your set of 12 antique dinner plates by George and Sons, you may consider consulting with antique dealers, collectors, or appraisers specializing in vintage china and pottery. They can provide insights based on the specific details and condition of your plates, as well as current market trends. Additionally, researching recent sales of similar items through auction houses or online marketplaces can give you an idea of their market value.

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