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Antique Bed – Antique Poster Bed – Watch the Video

antique poster bed This is a beautiful antique four poster canopy bed for sale at Bohemians. We are proud to present an incredibly rare antique bed with carved posters. Hand carved in solid mahogany, Bohemians restored this antique poster bed which features carved leaves and carved pineapples.

Here are some of the antique poster bed’s features:

  • Carved posters, elaborately handcarved (4)
  • Mahogany veneer and Solid Mahogany Posts
  • Age: circa 1825
  • Flame mahogany headboard
  • Beautifully refinished
  • Full size antique bed

Antique Four Poster Bed with Symbolic Carvings

This antique bed from circa 1825 has beautiful carved posts and canopy. The four posters are incredibly carved with acanthus leaves and topped with carved pineapples. Furthermore, the antique poster bed reaches nearly eight feet in height and is topped like a traditional canopy bed.

The acanthus leaves on this antique bed harken to Greco-Roman times. antique poster bed This early antique poster bed was made just after the Colonial Period, and this was common for antique bedroom furniture at this point in history. Colonists adapted the acanthus leaves of the Corinthian columns of ancient Greece and Rome because they idealized the political inventions of democracy and the Republic of these ancient civilizations.

antique bed The pineapple carvings are present at the top of the antique poster bed in four different instances. Symbolic of hospitality and generosity, the pineapples on each poster are beautifully carved and support the full canopy of this pineapple bed.

Antique Bed Value

This antique bed is rare, beautiful and very valuable. Furthermore, A bed with this copious amount of hand carved detail would have been commissioned by a very affluent person in the 19th century. Indeed, primitive versions of other beds of the period highlight this fact. Certainly, the material of fine mahogany comes at a very high cost. However, the sophisticated skill, imagination and time devoted to this four poster bed no doubt contributed more to the original price! A group of skilled craftsman would have been employed to create this phenomenal canopy bed. Its symmetry and precision are all the more impressive when one considers the hand tools available in the 19th century.

While it is not common to find an antique bed of this caliber, this particular four poster bed has the added value of being beautifully restored. This antique four poster bed from the early 19th century accommodates a modern full size mattress and boxspring. The antique bed rails bolt to the frame of the poster bed in a very secure fashion. In addition, our online restoration team revived the splendor of the finish. Each carved detail on the posters and on the beautiful flame mahogany headboard glows. Thus, the owner of this gorgeous antique bed will admire and enjoy it for many years to come.

In conclusion, for more information about this antique bed, watch the video clip.

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Rachel La Bohème

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