Antique Secretary Desk

What is an Antique Secretary Desk Worth? Desk Prices?

What is an antique secretary desk worth? What are the antique secretary desk prices today?

Bohemians sold the antique secretary desk pictured in March of 2021 for about $1800. The desk was restored and in great working order with original glass. At auction desks of this type have seen recent uptick in pricing, Expect to pay between $600 to $2500 at auction. Many antique desks of this type sell retail for between $2100 to $5000.

The specifications on this antique secretary desk were as follows.

Antique Secretary Desk

Item: Antique Walnut Secretary Desk (two piece).

Age & Condition: Circa 1825. Some fixes over the years. May have been refinished at some point.

Dimensions: 40″ wide x 20.5″ deep x 83.5″ tall.

Antique Desk

Antique Walnut Secretary Desk with beautiful hutch top. This early secretary desk has a great look!

Of course, the desk is a two part desk. On top, there is a set of beautiful wavy glass doors. Underneath, there is a really nice slant front secretary desk that rests on two supports. Also, there is a center drawer. Inside, the desk features a nice mix of cubbies and small drawers to keep you organized.

The desk is in very good condition. However, some fixes and repairs have been done over the years. On the back, two narrow strips of wood were added to bridge the gap of the back boards. The desk may have been refinished at some point. Finally, two turnstile knobs were added to keep the top drawers closed.

Despite these fixes, the desk still has a stunning look and would be a useful and beautiful statement piece in any historic home.

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