Turkish Runner

Turkish Runner, Antique Rug

Beautiful Turkish runner with geometric design. This antique rug has beautiful colors and great patina. It has a thin pile, making it look very aged. It almost has the weight of a fabric. So you might consider putting a rug stabilizer underneath to keep it from slipping if you have wood floors. The Turkish runner could be lovely in an old home, or a more contemporary space to give it character.

Antique Rug

An antique rug runner will add quite a bit of color and texture to your home. Many people like the lived-in look of an antique rug runner in a kitchen or hallway. Of course, many people enjoy runners for a bedroom or office. Still others will make this runner the focal point of their entryway. The primary colors of this rug runner are deep blue, red, yellow, brown and green. The pattern has a direction. However, it can run in either way. Of course, the outer border is quite narrow, and looks almost like small houses in a row. Also, there is a touch of cream in the rug.

Geometric pattern can be seen throughout the runner. Stylized trees or flowers seem to be the principal shape, which is repeated in the dense field of the rug. Of course, it is nice to see something a little different in an oriental rug. For instance, this rug is not organized around a central medallion or a serious of medallions. Instead, it has a dense field of shapes and colors! A great look!

If you love old rugs, this antique could be perfect for you!To see more of our inventory, visit our rug page. Or watch some videos! Every once in a while, we feature a great Persian rug or Oriental rug video. Of course, we welcome visitors to our warehouse, but we do ask that you make an appointment beforehand.

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