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Q & A : Northern Furniture Company Buffet Value?

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Tom B. writes:

“Good Morning ~

We have a buffet we cannot identify. I was wondering if you might be able to help us find out more about it. I have attached photos. I cannot find this model though we do know it has markings from Northern Furniture Company– Sheboygan, WI.

It has 2 side cabinets, 2 center drawers, and 1 long bottom drawer

Any information you might care to share would be greatly appreciated if you know or find out anything about the piece or can direct me to someone who can help. It belongs to my parents

Most Sincerely,

Tom from Vegas”

Antique Furniture Answer : Our Experts Answer!

Rachel writes:

Dear Tom,

Your buffet appears to be mahogany and from the photo appears to be from circa 1930-1949. Northern Furniture Company made some beautiful mahogany and cherry furniture in Sheboygan Wisconsin. They changed the company name in 1949, so if it is stamped we can assume it was made before that date.

The style is commonly referred to as “Queen Anne style,” and is a Colonial revival style that has remained popular for many years (and largely to this day). The shell carving and cabriole legs are common for Queen Anne style. Queen Anne style reached the American colonies by way of England in the late 18th century. However, it has been repeated and revived and adapted throughout our history. The swooping legs and delicate carvings of Queen Anne style can be considered the utmost of “traditional furniture.”

Northern Furniture Company may not be that well known in the Vegas area, but on the east coast, there are some collectors and dealers who value their furniture pretty highly.

northern furniture companyNorthern Furniture Company was known as a pretty high end reproduction company that operated out of Wisconsin for a period of about 60 years. Originally, they operated under the name, “Mattoon Manufacturing Company” from 1881 until about 1904. Most of their furniture comprised of dining room, bedroom and bookcase furniture.

Later, in 1949, the company changed it’s name to R-Way Furniture.

Without seeing the condition in person, it is hard to put a value on your buffet. I would say a good price at auction would be between $200-400 in my area. If the piece had more inlay or carvings, the estimate would be higher. From the photo, your parent’s sideboard does not appear to have a substantial amount of carved or inlay detail.

Hope this helps! Thanks for writing!

Take care,


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2 thoughts on “Q & A : Northern Furniture Company Buffet Value?

  1. I have a complete Northern America Company bedroom set with a metal identifying piece attached to the inside of the drawers. The kidney shaped dressing table has 23 L marked inside the drawer. I don’t have pictures yet, but am very interested in the value and in selling it.
    Bed, dresser, mirror, armoire, 2 night stands and a dressing table with a chair and a settee at the end of the bed. It has a flower inlay on all of the pieces. Can you help me?

    1. Hello Regina, we do not buy or consign furniture. A complete set of vintage like new Northern Furniture, bedroom set would probably sell by a private seller like yourself for a few hundred dollars. If you have t6he ability to split up the set and ship across the country you may do better selling on a sales platform on the internet such as ebay. They take about 20 to 30 % commission. You would probably need an account with good standing for the listing to get noticed. You could also try a local auction house. We wrote a tip for selling furniture here

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