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Vintage Oak Bookstand, Custom Made Oak Bookshelf

Item: Vintage Oak Bookcase (Custom Made and signed).

Age & Condition: Signed 2000. Good vintage condition.

Dimensions: 47″ wide x 15″ deep x 33″ tall.


Nice vintage oak bookstand in solid oak wood. This custom made oak bookshelf has a very unique design and is a very nice piece for any home!

Vintage Oak Bookstand

Certainly, this vintage oak bookstand has a very unique design. Firstly, it has a tilted shelf, which is great because it allows you to store large and smaller books in this large area. Also, it puts the books at a slant so you can read the spines of the books easily.

Additionally, the custom made oak bookshelf has a smaller shelf above, which is great for plants or mementos.

Finally, the vintage oak bookstand sits on brass castors.

Custom Made Oak Bookshelf

This custom made oak bookshelf has “x joinery” on either side. Also, it has been signed on the underside.

Overall, this custom made oak bookshelf shows very good vintage condition.