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Vintage Dining Table, Henkel Harris Furniture, Breakfast Table


Item: Vintage Dining Table by Henkel Harris Furniture.

Age & Condition: Circa 1980-1990. Good, with some flaws to the seams (where leaves are inserted.)

Dimensions: 42″ diameter x 29.5″ tall.

Sorry This Item Has Been Sold!



Pretty Vintage dining table in solid cherry wood. This nice round table includes three leaves, so that it can extend to seat 6 to 8.

Vintage Dining Table

Of course, this nice vintage dining table is a round table withh a 42″ diameter. Certainly, this makes it a great breakfast table in a nook or eat-in kitchen. It features four Queen Anne style legs and will comfortably seat 2-4 without leaves.

The table also has three leaves, so that it extends.

Henkel Harris Furniture

Undoubtedly, Henkel Harris Furniture has a reputation for their fine finishes and good quality. This table has a nice thick top and solid cherry throughout.

That said, it does have a few imperfections near the seams (where the leaves are inserted). Please see photos.