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Persian Rug 10 Foot Runner

Item: Persian Hand Knotted Runner.

Age & Condition: 30-40 Years old. Excellent Vintage condition. All rugs have been cleaned.

Size: 3 ft 8 inches by 9 ft 9 inches

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Persian Rug

Very beautiful Persian rug for sale. This Persian 10 foot runner has a field of red and turquoise and navy accents. A Persian rug runner such as this one can enhance any room of the house.

10 Foot Runner

While you may have many options for a 10 foot runner, this particular 10 foot runner has artistry and craftsmanship. Indeed, this Persian rug was knotted completely by hand. Additionally, this persian rug does not include synthetic materials. Instead, it is 100% genuine wool. This makes the pile very comfortable to the touch. It also can help individuals with sensitivities or allergies.

Also, the artistry of the 10 foot runner sets it apart. As you can see from the photos, the design of this rug appears to feature a spontaneous and lively touch! This rug has very different shapes and patterns that result in a bohemian style rug. There is a central medallion and stylized flowers that surround it. The rug features a very pretty color palette as well.

Finally, Persian rugs are an excellent choice because of their longevity. Many of our vintage runners and rugs are over 50 years old! Yet they look brand new! This id due to the tight weave and high quality wool.

All of our vintage rugs get professionally cleaned before sale.

They may be previewed at our warehouse. We no longer have weekly “open hours.” However, we can meet with you in person at our warehouse on most days of the week to preview or pick up any item.