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Antique Washstand, Cherry Accent Table

Item: Antique Washstand in solid Cherry Wood.

Age & Condition: Circa 1830. Refinished and restored. Some signs of age and character.

Dimensions: 27″ wide x 19.5″ deep x 32″ tall (28″ to the top of the table.)


Antique Washstand

What is an Antique Washstand, Cherry Accent Table worth? Bohemians sold the washstand listed here in August of 2021 for about $700.

Beautiful antique washstand in solid cherry wood. This gorgeous antique table has so much charm and elegance.

Of course, the antique washstand features one drawer and one shelf on the bottom. Additionally, the washstand has a really nice backsplash that fits around the back and sides. Finally, the washstand has beautiful glass knobs.

Certainly, the beautiful dovetailing on the drawer is also found on the backsplash.

Cherry Accent Table

We refinished this lovely antique cherry accent table in order to restore the condition. It would be beautiful in a bedroom, hallway or living room.