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Antique Walnut Frame with Needlework Picture

Item: Vintage Needlework Picture in a Walnut Victorian Frame.

Age & Condition: Frame appears to be older, probably circa 1880. Good Condition with minor signs of age and use.

Dimensions: Outer Frame: 21.5″ wide x 25″ tall.
Inner Dimensions: 15.5″ wide x 19.5″ tall.


Antique Walnut Frame with Needlework Picture

Antique Walnut Frame with Needlework Picture of a vase with flowers. This lovely work of art has an equally beautiful frame as picture!

The antique frame is crafted of walnut and has beautiful dimension. Firstly, there is a phenomenal burl walnut inner frame with etched designs. Secondly, inside of that frame is a lovely gilded inner frame.

The walnut frame has great depth (about 2.25″ deep) and also is enhanced with black painted accents.

Of course, the lovely needlework design has quite a bit of charm as well! The work is mostly light pink and has a beautiful summer bouquet of lilac flowers and/or delphiniums. Additionally, the work is protected by glass.

Overall, the frame shows small areas of wear and the needlework may show some signs of age. However, overall, it is a stunning piece to own!