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Antique Sofa, Empire Sofa, Vintage Striped Couch

Item: Antique Empire Style Sofa.

Age & Condition: Sofa Frame likely dates to circa 1860. Upholstery likely was done in the last 10 years.

Dimensions: 86.5″ wide x 24″ deep x 31″ tall. Seat height is 15.5″ tall.


Antique Sofa

Beautiful antique sofa with mahogany wood frame. This lovely traditional antique sofa has a beautiful design and really nice upholstery fabric.

Of course, the sofa features beautiful striped upholstery fabric in deep red, blue and cream stripes. Additionally, the sofa frame has a beautiful mahogany frame with curved arms and legs. The arms also have deep curves that allow nice bolster pillows to sit inside.

Empire Sofa

Certainly, the empire sofa has a nice frame and was redone in recent years. That said, this empire sofa has a few flaws. On one arm of the sofa, a wooden button is missing. Additionally, there are some light signs of age to the wooden section of the sofa apron and sofa back.

Also, the antique sofa most likely had castors on the legs, that have now been removed.