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Antique Drop Leaf Table – Claw Foot Table

Item: Antique Drop Leaf Table with Carved Base.

Age & Condition: Circa 1825. Refinished and restored.

Size: (Opened) 50.5″ wide x 40″ deep x 29″ tall.

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Antique Drop Leaf Table

Antique Drop Leaf table with incredible carved claw foot table base. This incredible and unique table dates to the early 19th Century. Indeed, the craftsmanship of this table, and its survival of nearly two hundred years, makes it a beautiful and collectible piece of antique furniture.

Claw Foot Table – Antique Drop Leaf Table

This table is what is often called a “drop leaf table.” The center board is stationary, while the other two boards can be dropped down or lifted up and supported with a wooden lever. Chiefly, this allowed people to store the table against a wall or in a corner when not in use. Also, it makes it easier to move. Although generally 19th century rooms were large, they often served many purposes, and people moved seating and dining furniture quite frequently.

This antique dining table of course fits the bill for 19th century living. Indeed, the castors on the bottom of the table further helped people rearrange their rooms with ease.

However, just because it didn’t have a permanent spot in the room doesn’t mean it did not have a place of honor. This antique claw foot table has just too striking of a look to hide it away! The base of the table features such elaborate carvings. A Pineapple carved center is connected by four exuberantly carved lions paws. Hairy paw feet were a very popular feature that became en vogue in the 19th century.

As French Empire styles reached the United States, carved paws demonstrated taste and refinement for wealthy home owners. Of course, these elaborate carvings took a skilled craftsman many hours to create. Thus, paw foot furniture was often a sign of wealth. A claw foot table such as this one was not common or easily made. So while many Empire furniture tables and dressers can be found today, few have such elaborately carved bases as this special claw foot table.

Dark, heavy mahogany was usually the wood of choice in the early 19th century. Because of the rarity, mahogany demonstrated a persons’ wealth.

Finally, this antique drop leaf table has a beautiful new finish. We restored the finish and repaired a small section of the base to bring this antique claw foot table to excellent condition.

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