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Tea Table – Statton Furniture

Item: Statton Tea Table – Solid Cherry.

Age & Condition: Circa 1940-1960. Refinished Condition.

Size: 29.5″ wide x 18.5″ deep x 26″ tall.

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Tea Table

Tea table made by Vintage Furniture company Statton Furniture. This lovely cherry Queen Anne tea table has great colonial style and good construction. Our team has refinished and restored this vintage piece. It features a light cherry finish.

Statton Furniture Tea Table

Statton Furniture Company has a great reputation for high end furniture. Often, Statton made Colonial reproduction pieces. Indeed, this vintage tea table shows the Colonial influence on Statton’s designs. The scalloped apron, Queen Anne legs and sliding candle stands are all features found on our country’s museum heirlooms.

Queen Anne tea tables such as this make great alternatives to bulky coffee tables. Often, our clients are looking for something more elegant and refined than a modern coffee table. In formal living rooms, vintage tea tables look stunning in front of formal camel back sofas. They tend to sit a bit higher than trendy coffee tables. The tall Queen Anne legs on this tea table demonstrate this fact.

Tea tables, like coffee tables, often get used and abused. Hot and cold drinks, trays and lamps can cause scratching and blemishes to the table top. Thus, this Statton occasional table came to us with a few white rings and finish issues. However, we quickly overcame this problem.

Because Statton is such a fine furniture company, our team was able to strip and refinish this tea table. The solid cherry construction made for easy stripping and sanding. Then, a new cherry stain in a colonial style cherry color was applied to all areas of the piece. Finally, our team applied a few coats of a dull sheen lacquer to all angles of the tea table. With a few days to cure, this added coat of lacquer will protect and guard against future blemishes. Of course, it is always a good idea to use coasters and avoid using water and heat directly on the table. Simple waxing once or twice a year can further protect this heirloom piece.

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