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Vintage End Table – Narrow Side Table

Item: Vintage End Table Custom Made.

Age & Condition: Circa 1940-1960. Refinished and Restored.

Size: 18.5″ wide x 15.75″ deep x 28″ tall.


Vintage End Table

Vintage end table crafted of solid cherry. This vintage end table has one drawer and one shelf. We believe it to have been made by J. Raymond Smith of Shippensburg, Pennsylvania.

Narrow Side Table

This narrow side table has great charm. The four legs are turned on a lathe. This shaping produces a very chic farmhouse style leg on this narrow side table. Thus, it would work in a historic farmhouse, or in a more modern home looking to add quality country decor.

Additionally, the edges of this narrow side table are quite square and block-like. Basically, this simple edge creates a very simple Shaker look. It also communicates a bench-made quality.

Although J. Raymond Smith did not dovetail his drawer joints, his furniture has great strength and quality. This is mainly due to the thick and dense cherry woods he used. Indeed, this vintage side table, albeit small, has a great density and weight.

In addition, the narrow end table has a nice simple drawer pull. We chose not to polish the brass, although this is something very simple to do if the customer desires to do so. Certainly, the patina seemed to add to the country charm for us.

Altogether, this narrow end table has much to offer. It has a great size and scale. Secondly, the warm cherry color is quite appealing. Thirdly, the quality and craftsmanship of a true hand made piece is quite evident. Lastly, the restored finish adds to the beauty of this narrow end table.

We chose to refinish this small end table. We simply stripped what was a damaged and stained finish, did some light sanding, and then chose a very similar appropriate color stain. A high quality spray lacquer will certainly help preserve the table for years to come. Light waxing can be done from time to time to increase the sheen and further protect the finish.

Thank you for inviting us into your vintage style home!
Rachel La Bohème