Antique Victorian Buffet

Buffet or Sideboard, Antique Victorian Furniture

Beautiful massive mahogany antique Victorian buffet from the late 1800’s. This piece has a very simple base with four cabinet doors, the center ones are recessed. The top of this Antique Victorian buffet has three concealed drawers and a beautiful arched back-splash, punctuated with carved decorative flowers. Of course, this piece of Victorian Period furniture has some Gothic revival elements. Indeed, it has a lot of drama and presence!

The interior provides tons of storage, with two interior drawers on the outer cabinet sections. This great antique buffet would make a fantastic bar. Any large room could accommodate this incredible and unique piece of furniture.

This antique Victorian buffet piece is very beautiful and is in original finish. There are a few signs of age, including some marks and dents on the top and sides. One of the arched moldings on the door is separating a little bit. Otherwise very good antique condition. Please feel free to contact us to see this antique in person.

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