Hitchcock Chair

What’s a Vintage Hitchcock Stenciled Chair Worth? Value? Price?

What’s a Vintage Hitchcock Stenciled Chair Worth? Value? Price?

The value of a hitchcock stensiled cherry chair can have a wide range in values and prices. Again like always the condition and style matter the most. Bohemians vintage furniture in Pennsylvania sold a Hitchcock Chair like the one pictured in March of 2021 for about $180.


Expect in an auction setting for a Hitchcock chair to range in price in prestine condition to be between $45 to $300, I have even seen them sell for up to $700 which was talked about for some time. With any flaws or issues the chair could be between $5 and $25.

Vintage Hitchcock Stenciled Chair
Item: Vintage Hitchcock Stenciled Chair.

Age & Condition: Circa 1980-1990. Very Good vintage condition with minimal signs of age and use.

Dimensions: 16″ wide x 15.5″ deep x 33.5″ tall.

Vintage Hitchcock Stenciled Chair
Vintage Hitchcock Stenciled Chair with pretty gold accents.

This nice vintage chair features a solid cherry frame. Of course, it has been accented with black and gold paint.

Overall, the chair is in very good vintage condition. It does have minor signs of age and use, such as light dents to the seats.

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