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Antique Drop Leaf Table

What is an Antique Drop Leaf Table Worth? Price?

So what is an antique drop leaf table Worth? What is a good price?

Bohemians antique furniture sold a table pictured in March of 2021 for about $685. The price would depend upon condition, age, sturdyness and color. Other factors would include the type of wood as well as any known provenance that can be verified. The drop leaf table would need not just to be old but desirable. At auction the price of such tables can vary wildly from a few dollars in bad condition and wobbly to $2000.

The details on the antique table were as follows.

Antique Drop Leaf Table
Item: Antique Drop Leaf Table.

Age & Condition: Circa 1850. Some signs of age and use but overall good vintage condition.

Dimensions: 40″ wide x 19″ deep (44.5″ when opened) x 28.5″ tall.

Antique Drop Leaf Table

Antique Drop Leaf Table with levers that hold the leaves. This nice antique table features beautiful grain!

The table has four legs and a nice simple apron. The leaves can be extended with a turning lever that sits underneath the leaves.

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