Potthast Furniture Antique Dining Room Set

Potthast Furniture

This beautiful inlaid mahogany antique dining room set, complete with table, two leaves, six chairs, sideboard, server and china cabinet made by the famous fine furniture Company, Potthast Furniture in circa 1925, Baltimore.

Potthast Furniture

Potthast Furniture Company

Potthast Dining Table Few advertisers live up to their promises but Potthast Brothers of Baltimore Maryland created a prophetic slogan that has been kept. This late 1800’s fine reproduction furniture company founded by four brothers of German descent put quality and craftsmanship first, and their catch phrase, “The True Antiques of Tomorrow” has been fulfilled, as works by Potthast are now highly collectible, with many reaching the age of true antiques.

Potthast Brothers

Potthast China Cabinet Here we see a characteristic attention to period detail and great quality, unrivaled in this circa 1925 Potthast dining room set.

Mahogany First of all, Potthast furniture was made from fine genuine mahogany that was carefully selected. Also kiln dried in their Baltimore workshop, located on Howard Street, now the site of the famous Antique Row. Furthermore, also kiln dried, was the selected tulip poplar and oak used in the inlay.

Potthast Brothers Furniture

Patera Belle Fleur The patera and bellefleur inlay are beautifully articulated, and the fans and line inlay in each piece are in reference to early 18th century masters. We see a great attention to genuine marquetry work in Potthast furniture, which could only be produced by hand in small workshops.

Potthast Furniture Co.

Indeed, Potthast furniture stood out from their competitors in Chicago and Grand Rapids, who employed hundreds of workers and used mass mechanization to produce furniture for the mail-order giants of the day: Sears Roebuck and Montgomery ward. Potthast furniture company stayed as a small and custom workshop, and each piece was individually made.

Antique Dining Room

Antique Potthast Dining Table Adapting design details from period pieces, the Potthast brothers nonetheless altered traditional designs. Potthast bros skill make these antiques adaptable for contemporary homes. The antique table design for instance was inspired by two end tables, placed back to back. It’s wider 46 inch design suited the size and shape of the early 1920’s antique dining room, and the leaf extensions made entertaining more convenient.


Hand dovetailed joints, full paneled backs and glazed glass also separates Potthast from other makers. Indeed, this type of craftsmanship takes time, materials and considerable skill to produce. Indeed this Potthast dining room features all these characteristics.

Potthast Inlayed Sideboard Today, the work of the Potthast Brothers lives on. Many of the Potthast works are on display at the Maryland Historical Society. Also at the Baltimore Museum of Art and the Smithsonian Institute. As a result of much restoration work, We are proud to display and offer this heirloom quality antique dining room set made by the Potthast Furniture. We offer the complete 10 piece Potthast dining room set for $7790.

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