Antique Mahogany Desk

Antique Desk, Paine Furniture Company

Antique Mahogany Desk

Beautiful and sweet small Queen Anne antique mahogany desk or vanity by Paine Furniture Company. Let’s describe this Boston furniture company little antique mahogany desk. It features four small drawers and a beautiful webbed foot. Skilled craftsman have carved shell carvings on the knees. The small writing desk has simplicity, style and is very well made in solid mahogany.

Paine Furniture Company

The Paine Furniture Company was founded 1835. In this year in Boston, Massachusetts, Leonard Shearer founded the furniture company. Sadly, the furniture company closed in 1935. Indeed, The Paine Company produced very high quality furniture. We see Paine Furniture that continues to wow us. Of course, it always has very sturdy construction, and pretty details.

A few of the pieces of furniture have fetched very high prices at auction. Our restoration team decided to restore this antique mahogany desk. Perfect boho chic accent piece for a bedroom, hall, office or closet.

The value is in the eye of the beholder like most items. However, this Paine Furniture Company desk can decorate your home for years to come. Please contact us with your questions and comments. Obviously, antique furniture continues to interest and amaze us. We love helping people furnish their historic homes!

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