Antique Gallery Video – Jan 2017

Antique Gallery

Enjoy a quick stroll thru the furniture and antique gallery at Bohemian’s. Many of the antique stores items have been collected in beautiful historic Pennsylvania countryside.

Antique Gallery

However, the antiques in the gallery also come from fine homes in the city. We collect special antiques from metropolitan New York, Boston as well as the Philadelphia and Pittsburgh areas.

Additionally, our antique gallery represents many periods in history. In this video, you will see furniture from the Victorian period. However, there are also a few pieces from the Federal Period as well. Additionally, there are some fine Empire dressers in the video, too.

Notably, an antique gallery like this one mixes styles, woods and periods. Of course, unless you are an absolute purist, most people have a few different age pieces in their homes.

After all, the best interior designers mix antique eras in their work. Obviously, this makes a home more livable and unique. Frankly, it creates a more interesting interior as well.

While house museums incorporate artifacts of a very narrow period, an antique gallery such as this one has a more diverse selection.

Antique Furniture

To illustrate what the antique gallery may provide, here is a short clip.

As well as the clip above here is a direct URL : Video Clip.

In addition to the beautiful furniture, you may notice a nice selection of vintage Persian rugs as well.

Many of these vintage rugs demonstrate high quality hand knotted techniques. Room Size rugs add so much style and color to an interior.

Finally, you will notice that wall art and mirrors also decorate the antique gallery. Certainly, finding the right wall art or mirror will enhance your space. So, high quality wooden mirrors, as well as vintage gold mirrors often make an appearance at Bohemians.

Likewise, vintage art prints, original oil paintings and even woven tapestries appear at the gallery.

To summarize, Bohemian’s antiques warehouse offers a magnificent selection. We are located in the beautiful countryside of south central Pennsylvania.

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