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Welcome to Antique Furniture Guide! This section of the website is dedicated to those who want to expand their knowledge and appreciation of antique furniture.

There is something inherently beautiful and fascinating about antique furniture. Oftentimes, the secrets of the past lie inside the drawers, doors or cushions of old furniture. The rich material culture of our ancestors reveals itself in the unique way people furnished their homes.

Of course, antique furniture does not just give us a connection to the past. It also can enrich our homes today with incredible high quality pieces. As furniture making held the prestige of an art form in times past, we see the incredible creative output of craftsman and upholsterers rarely seen in furniture today.

Right now, there may be an antique armoire you have your eyes on in an antique shop. You may have inherited an antique secretary desk from your grandmother. Or you may want to furnish your home with a few special antique statement pieces but don’t know where to start.

This website is jam packed with tons of inspiration and information in regards to antique furniture!

We discuss:

  • The Changing Values of Antique Furniture
  • What Antique Furniture Could be Worth the Most
  • Antique Furniture Styles from Renaissance to Regency!
  • How to Mix Antique Furniture with Modern Furniture in Your Home
  • How to Restore Antique Furniture
  • What different types of Antique Furniture were Used For
  • How to Refinish Antique Furniture
  • How to Find Antique Furniture
  • Ways to Incorporate Antique Furniture into your home
  • How to Sell Antique Furniture
  • How to Buy Antique Furniture at Auction

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