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Antique Secretary Desk, Victorian Furniture

Item: Antique Secretary Desk from late 1800s. Victorian Cylinder Roll Desk.

Age & Condition: Refinished desk. Signs of age such as patina on the hardware, etc. Circa 1880.

Dimensions: 47.5″ wide x 22.5″ deep x 94″ tall.

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Antique Secretary Desk

Gorgeous Antique Secretary Desk in beautiful walnut. This lovely antique Victorian desk has a beautiful cylinder roll and lovely bookcase top.

Of course, the antique secretary desk features three distinct sections and reaches to almost 8 feet tall. It has a base section with drawers. Then, it has a middle section with cylinder roll desk and extending writing surface. Finally, it has a bookcase top with original glass and adjustable shelves.

Victorian Furniture

If you love Victorian Furniture 1800s, you will absolutely love this antique desk. It has so much detail. For instance, the desk features beautiful overlay of burl walnut. Additionally, it has small rosettes in places. Finally, it has beautiful brass hardware with a stamped design.

Bohemians restored the finish of this desk and replaced the original felt writing surface. However, there are still areas of wear and signs of age.

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