Vintage Dresser with Mirror, Raymond Smith Furniture

Vintage Dresser with Mirror, Raymond Smith Furniture, Solid Wood, Custom Furniture

Nice vintage dresser with mirror in solid cherry wood. This beautiful heavy dresser shows incredible custom-made quality!

Vintage Dresser with Mirror

Of course, J. Raymond Smith Furniture Company made this solid cherry dresser in circa 1950. At that time, Smith Furniture from Shippensburg, Pennsylvania had a great reputation for quality crafted hardwood pieces.

The dresser features three shallow drawers, over two sets of three drawers. Of course, it would make a very nice lady’s dresser.

Raymond Smith Furniture

Overall, this vintage dresser shows very good condition. However, it has touches of fading on the top drawers.

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A vintage dresser with mirror from Raymond Smith Furniture, especially if it’s solid wood and custom-made, can be a valuable and unique piece of furniture. Here are some factors to consider when evaluating its worth:

  1. Brand and Maker: Raymond Smith Furniture is known for its quality craftsmanship and custom designs. Items from reputable brands may have higher value due to their reputation.
  2. Material and Construction: Solid wood construction is highly desirable in vintage furniture due to its durability and longevity. Assess the quality of the wood and craftsmanship, including joinery and detailing.
  3. Customization: Custom-made furniture often carries added value due to its uniqueness and tailored design. Consider any custom features or modifications made to the dresser, such as specific wood finishes, hardware choices, or design elements.
  4. Style and Design: Vintage dressers from Raymond Smith Furniture may feature classic or unique designs that reflect the era they were made in. Look for distinctive features such as carved accents, turned legs, or decorative hardware.
  5. Condition: The condition of the dresser and mirror is crucial in determining their value. Look for any signs of wear, damage, or repairs. Vintage pieces in excellent condition, with minimal wear and well-maintained finishes, tend to be more valuable.
  6. Completeness: Ensure that both the dresser and mirror are present and in good condition. Matching sets are often more desirable to buyers and collectors.
  7. Age: Older vintage pieces, especially those from specific collections or periods, may be considered more collectible. Raymond Smith Furniture pieces from certain eras or designs may carry added value.
  8. Provenance: Any documented history or provenance associated with the dresser and mirror, such as being part of a notable collection or owned by a prominent figure, can increase their value.
  9. Market Demand: The current demand for vintage Raymond Smith Furniture, particularly custom-made dressers with mirrors, can influence their market value. Research recent sales of similar items to gauge market trends and pricing.
  10. Local Market: Consider local market factors such as regional preferences and availability. Consulting with local antique dealers or furniture experts may provide insights specific to your area.

To determine the value of your vintage Raymond Smith Furniture dresser with mirror, consider consulting with antique furniture experts, appraisers, or dealers specializing in vintage furniture. They can provide insights based on the specific details, condition, and market demand for your pieces. Additionally, researching recent sales of similar items through auction houses or online marketplaces can help determine their market value.

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