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Victorian Step Down Marble Top Dresser $1899

Victorian Marble Top Dresser


  • Hand Made in the Late 1800s
  • Solid Mahogany and Walnut Construction
  • Fitted and Ogee Edged White Marble (original to the piece)
  • Tear Drop Pulls
  • Exactly 8 ft tall with castors (53″ wide x 23″ deep x 96″ tall)
  • Original finish
  • Corner Hand Made Carvings and Scroll Moldings

This beautiful marble top dresser was made in the late 1800s and has survived over a century. It reflects the Victorian love of grandeur and high quality materials; the mahogany was most likely imported from South America, while the marble was most likely quarried domestically in the United States. This piece demonstrates high quality wood working, choice materials and great Renaissance-revival design.

The base of the Victorian Dresser.
The base of the Victorian Dresser.
From the tall four foot arched looking glass, to the carved corner base, to the ogee-edged white marble on each section of the base, no detail was spared on this massive dressing piece. Its width and breadth almost make it a prime choice for a hallway, entryway or living room piece, rather than its original intention as a more private bedroom piece. The tall mirror and marble tops, however, designate it as an elegant and established woman’s main dressing piece.

Candles would have graced either wood pedestal, lighting the owner’s visage as she undressed and let down her coiffeur for the day, while perfumes, hair jewelery and powders would have rested on the white marble. The smaller drawers would have held gloves and hankerchiefs (and other unmentionables) as lace and silk became more easily produced during the period. And as a corsetted silhouette and tailored dress were important marks of class, the full mirror helped ensure a lady was laced and dressed for company.

wpid-cam11971.jpgSimply great craftsmanship coupled with beautiful style choices makes this an unforgetable piece of furniture. Each board of mahogany was cut and selected to be a book-matched mirror image, with the grain running vertically and inward on the mirror. The burled mahogany veneers adds visual depth and great texture to the piece. And the scrolls of wood carving seem to dance around the piece, adding greater elegance and feminity to this grand marble top dresser.

Carved Scrolls add great movement to the base.
Carved Scrolls add great movement to the base.