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Vintage Oriental Rug, Persian Carpet, Tabriz

Item: Vintage Tabriz, Persian Rug. (Professionally cleaned).

Age & Condition: 20-50 years old. Very good vintage condition. Thick pile, very nice fringe, etc.

Dimensions: 9 ft 9 by 13 ft.


Vintage Oriental Rug

vintage Persian rug sold at Bohemians fine furniture for about $1600 cleaned with pad. Sold in December of 2022.

Gorgeous, vibrant and unique vintage oriental rug with the most exquisite colors. This beautiful oriental rug no doubt will become a showstopper in any room.

Of course, the vintage oriental rug was handknotted in Iran, making it a desirable Persian rug. Also, the rug features a charming and lifely pattern, with great movement.

Inside the field of the rug, you will find pairs of birds and stylized flowers throughout. Also, it has a really pretty border pattern.

Persian Carpet

The main colors of this Persian carpet are deep blue, rust, and turquoise. It is also accented with shades of ochre, pale yellow and sky blue.

We had this Persian Carpet professionally cleand (Essis and Sons). It is in very good vintage condition, with a thick pile and nice fringe.