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Vintage Oriental Rug, Indo-Persian Rug, 8 ft by 11.5 ft Carpet

Item: Vintage Heriz Style Indo-Persian Rug.

Age & Condition: 20-40 years old. Good Overall condition. A small area with low pile near the center.

Dimensions: 8 feet by 11.5 ft long.


Vintage Oriental Rug

Nice vintage Oriental rug, hand-knotted rug with wool pile. This unique rug has very bold colors and a traditional Heriz Design.

Of course, the rug likely comes from India or Pakistan. However, it has a nice Persian style to it. It has a nice geometric central medallion. At the same time, the field has great movement and pattern. Also, the border has a nice stylized floral and leaf design.

Finally, the rug has long off-white fringe.

Indo-Persian Rug

Overall, this lovely Indo-Persian rug is in very good shape. It has a little area of low pile near the center. Otherwise, the colors are vibrant and the rest of the rug shows good condition.

We have had the rug professionally cleaned by Essis and Sons in Chambersburg, PA.