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Vintage Gold Mirror, Fancy Beveled Mirror

Item: Vintage Gilded Mirror with Beveled Glass.

Age & Condition: Circa 1990. Good vintage condition.

Dimensions: 25″ wide x 39″ tall.


Vintage Gold Mirror

What is a near mint condition Vintage Gold Mirror, Fancy Beveled Mirror worth/ Bohemians sold the mirror in the photos for about $300 in December of 2022.

Nice Vintage Gold Mirror with ornate carved frame. This fancy beveled mirror has a really nice traditional look.

Of course, the mirror features a really beautiful design. It has a shell carving at the top and elegant floral motifs along the sides and bottom of frame. Finally, the glass in the mirror has a nice bevel.

Fancy Beveled Mirror

Certainly, this type of fancy beveled mirror would look great over a buffet in a dining room. However, it could be equally appealing in a foyer, bedroom or above a fireplace. Undoubtedly, it will become a focal point in the room.