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Victorian Wardrobe – Walnut Wardrobe

Item: Solid Walnut Antique Victorian “knock-down” Wardrobe.

Age: Circa 1880.

Size: 57″ wide x 21″ deep x 97.5″ tall.

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Victorian Wardrobe

Antique solid walnut Victorian wardrobe from circa 1880. This beautiful antique Victorian wardrobe is useful, grand and beautiful. This walnut wardrobe can be broken down for transport.

Walnut Wardrobe

The interior of this walnut wardrobe has many features. Indeed, someone has fitted the wardrobe with hooks and closet bars. Additionally, it has two drawers on the bottom.

This antique walnut wardrobe falls under the category of “knock down wardrobe.” Of course, this allows the wardrobe to be easily disassembled and then reassembled. Each part of the wardrobe, including the crown, doors and base comes apart for easy transport. In many ways, this allows people to move the wardrobe from place to place. Certainly, it makes getting it up the stairs much easier!

This antique wardrobe has its original finish. The beauty and simplicity of the piece makes it especially striking. Simple arched doors and paneled doors create the face of this piece. Additionally, the Gothic style crown makes it look very fancy and grand!

We love antique wardrobes! Firstly, they make such practical pieces for modern and historic homes. At a fraction of the price, one can enjoy a solid walnut high quality closet in a mudroom, entryway or bedroom. We all know the cost and expense of purchasing high quality walnut lumber, employing a craftsman or builder and waiting days or even weeks to see a project come to fruition. Obviously, one doesn’t have to do an ounce of remodeling in order to enjoy such beauty as this antique wardrobe. 🙂

Secondly, this grand armoire can instantly give a room character. If you need a focal point in a master bedroom, why not consider something that can tidy up your room as well and add visual height. Often, our master bedrooms lack any interest. Sometimes a bold piece of furniture can really tie the room together. Victorian furniture can certainly aide in this mission.