Original Oil on Canvas, Signed "D. Ouellette"
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Original Oil on Canvas, Signed “D. Ouellette”


Item: Vintage Oil on Canvas, Signed and Framed.

Age & Condition: Probably 20-30 years old. Good vintage condition with a few rubs to the gilded frame.

Dimensions: 28″ wide x 22″ tall.



Original Oil on Canvas, Signed D. Ouellette

Original Oil on Canvas, signed D. Ouellette and framed in a nice gilded frame. This lovely pastoral scene features a beautiful late summer landscape with a few figures in the foreground.

The painting is an oil on canvas, and we see a very skilled artist’s hand in this work. The trees and foliage have great impressionistic detail, as do the lovely sky and clouds.

We could not find more specific information about the artist, but we do believe the painting was made within the last 20- 30 years. It is in very good vintage condition. There may be a small rub or two to the frame. Please see photos.