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Black Crystal – Vintage Glasses

Item: Black Cut to Clear Crystal Goblets, hand cut in Hungary.

Age & Condition: Circa 1980. Very Good Condition.

Size: 3.25″ wide at the mouth. 9″ tall.


Black Crystal

Gorgeous, rare and very sophisticated black crystal vintage glasses. Hand cut vintage glasses known as Bohemian Glassware, hand-cut in Hungary. This is a set of four black crystal vintage glasses with a very nice sized goblet and tall stem. They have a sticker saying “Hand Cut and made in Hungary.”

Vintage Glasses

Vintage glasses with a spiral design pattern could be used for a very sophisticated evening. Consider placing these vintage glasses on your antique sideboard or buffet. Certainly, these crystal glasses could add sparkle to an antique china cabinet as well.

They are priced at $65 each. ($260 for the set of Four). Of course, this price includes domestic shipping. If you would like us to ship these to your home, simply let us know by email or phone. Otherwise, you could pick these up at our warehouse. Please drop us a note letting us know when you will pick them up.