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Antique Wingback Chair – Gettysburg Antique

Item: Period 19th Century Antique Queen Anne Wing Back Chair from the McPherson Estate in Gettysburg, PA.

Age & Condition: Circa 1840. Reupholstered and Restored

Size: 37″ wide arm to arm. 22″ seat depth. 45″ total height.

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Antique Wingback Chair

Beautiful Queen Anne 19th Century antique Wingback Chair from the McPherson Estate in Gettysburg Pennsylvania. This antique wingback chair has been restored and reupholstered, with much of the interior materials preserved and with some repairs to the oak frame. It is a Gettysburg antique from the Edward McPherson estate.

This antique wingback chair required quite a bit of restoration. Our upholstery team stretched and added new webbing. Next, they retied the inner frame and springs. Our upholstery team preserved the down filled cushion. However, they added a new liner in order to help the feathers stay in tact and cushioned.

The new fabric is a beautiful high quality damask in a subtle white on white pattern. This pattern feels historically correct while still being updated and elegant for any new setting. We have included photos of the chair before the restoration (in pink silk damask).

Gettysburg Antique

This antique wingback chair came from the estate of Edward McPherson. Thus it is an important Gettysburg Antique from the Civil War period.

This Gettysburg antique, along with others collected from the McPherson estate, is testimony to a fascinating period in our nation’s history and to our struggle to remain true to our Constitution and our values. This piece is historically significant because of its provenance and ties to Edward McPherson.

Edward McPherson was a very important figure for Gettysburg, Pennsylvania and for our nation’s history. He represented his constituents twice in Congress. Later, President Lincoln appointed him as Deputy Commissioner of Revenue in 1863. Edward McPherson also organized Company K of the Pennsylvania Reserves during the Civil War.

After the war, McPherson worked to preserve the Gettysburg battlegrounds and to erect many of the monuments that can be seen there today. Additionally, he wrote and published a work on the Civil War. Indeed, Edward McPherson remained in Gettysburg following the war, until his death in 1895.

The name McPherson also lives on in the namesake of the first and bloodiest battle of Gettysburg, on McPherson’s ridge. The battle began at about 8 am on the morning of July 1st 1863 and lasted until mid morning. McPherson’s ridge saw blood soaked fields and the horror of brutal casualties with some estimates of around 2000 men either dead or badly wounded. This site lies just a mile west of Gettysburg center and was inherited by McPherson from his forefathers.

The Confederates greatly outnumbered the Yankees (3200 to about 7000) and the Union forces faced a terrible defeat. The Confederacy took over McPherson’s stone barn as a field hospital. Today, McPherson’s barn still stands as one of the few original structures on the battlefields.

McPherson Estate

Edward McPherson’s postbellum home in Gettysburg was recently sold to the Gettysburg College, as many of his remaining descendants have migrated throughout the country. Many of Edward McPherson’s personal and political papers live in several vaults in the Library of Congress in DC.

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