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antique mantel clock ansonia clock
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Antique Mantel Clock – Ansonia

Item: Antique Ansonia Mantle Clock.

Age & Condition: Circa 1900. Very good antique condition. Runs well.

Size: 11.5″ wide x 5″ deep x 11″ tall.


Antique Mantel Clock

An Early 1900’s antique mantel clock made by Ansonia Clock Company (New York). The case of this antique mantel clock is a heavy cast iron case and has beautiful gold etched detailing. Of course, the beautiful details on this antique Ansonia cast iron clock make it so much more desirable than a modern clock.

Cast Iron Clock

A cast iron clock such as this one has a very heavy metal case. Victorians used cast iron and wrought iron in a multitude of ways. Obviously, cast iron bridges and cast iron structural building frames are just a few examples. Cast iron clocks mimic marble case clocks. However, a cast iron clock provided people with a less expensive way to decorate their mantels.

This Ansonia clock has a paper face and a brass bezel. Two metal lions heads with rings flank the sides.

This clock has been professionally serviced, oiled and cleaned. All parts on the interior are original to the clock It runs very well for 7-8 day.

If you would like to listen and see this antique mantel clock, please feel free to contact us. Although we do not have regular “open hours” we do meet with clients throughout the week. We can also show you how to care for the clock and how to wind the clock. Although antique mantel clocks take a bit more effort than modern clocks, they are fairly simple to learn and understand. Also, we work with a great clock repairman so if you ever run into trouble with a clock, we know just who to recommend.

Finally, we can also help you by choosing the right clock for your home. Of course, you have to love the clock but we can also suggest things based on style, design and size. Thank you for reading! Please let us know how we can help you!