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Antique Tilt Top Table

Item: Antique Tilting Table in Mahogany.

Age: Circa 1860.

Details: Patina Table top with simple tripod legs.
Warm mahogany color.
Unusual beveled rectangle shape

Condition: Very good antique condition. Lots of signs of character. A bit squeaky when it is opened.

Size: 27″ wide x 18″ deep x 45″ tall (when unopened.)

Shipping: Generally, shipping is not included.

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Antique Tilt Top Table

Circa 1870 mahogany antique tilt top table with loads of character and very pretty warm patina. This tilting table has a very unusual shape and tripod legs.

Tilt Top Table

Tilt top table history continues to fascinate people. A tilting top table has been useful and popular for hundreds of years. The simple tilt top table mechanism allows the table to be a flat table or an easy to store table. Most furniture in historic homes moved around quite a bit, so a tilt top table can accommodate multi-purpose room functions.

This antique tilt top table has a scalloped rectangle top and a tripod base. We simply waxed and polished this tilt top, in order to keep the finish original. Ideally, this table will be used in a living room or dining room, where it will be seen and used. Of course, an occasional table with such pretty lines and original patina always catches our eye. They certainly can add so much character and style to a home.

Obviously, a well priced antique side table can offer an easy way to start collecting antiques. Firstly, a side table takes up virtually no room. Secondly, an antique side table doesn’t overwhelm most people. It is a simple and easy accessory to add to your home. Thirdly, a side table at this price makes it affordable and fun to attain vintage furniture! In many cases, they can cost less than a mirror or piece of vintage wall decor!

If you have interest in this antique side table, please feel free to reach out to us. We no longer have “open hours” each week. However, we do meet with clients throughout the week and weekend. Of course, many people wish to preview our antique furniture and vintage furniture. Certainly, it can aide in your decorating decisions.