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Antique Gothic Chairs, The Pair

Item: Antique Gothic Church Chairs in Walnut.

Age & Condition: Circa 1850. Refinished and Restored.

Dimensions: 23.5″ wide x 17.5″ deep x 39″ tall.


Antique Gothic Chairs

Beautiful antique gothic chairs in walnut wood. These striking and unusual chairs have a great look and show very nice quality.

Of course, the antique gothic chairs have a nice wide seat. Also, they have x-frame legs with stretcher in between. Finally, they have a unique crisscross back.

The chairs each have tiny details which make them even more unique. You will find small leaf carvings on the arms and backs. Additionally, there is a pretty circle design across the back rung.

We refinished these antique chairs in order to restore their finish. They have a very nice look.

Antique Church Chairs

Originally, these chairs came out of an antique church in Reading, Pennsylvania. The antique church chairs likely sat in a priest’s office or hallway.