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Antique Empire Dresser, Empire Chest with Mirror

Item: Antique Empire Dresser with Mirror.

Age & Condition: Circa 1825. Good antique condition with some signs of age. Please see description and photos.

Dimensions: 40″ wide x 22″ deep x 64″ tall to top of mirror.


Antique Empire Dresser

Beautiful mahogany antique Empire Dresser with attached mirror. This beautiful antique dresser has a very impressive look.

Of course, the dresser features three main drawers in the body of the chest. One of those drawers has a bowed front shape that really shows off the lovely mahogany veneer.

Also, the empire chest has two columns that terminate in beautifully carved paw feet. Certainly, these hairy paw feet were very popular amongst wealthy patrons in the early 1800s. The fine carvings demonstrate incredible skill on the part of the woodworker.

On the top of the chest, three smaller drawers provide extra stashing places. The mirror is held in place by two curved scroll arms, which are held by two wooden dowels inside the chest.

Empire Chest with Mirror

Unfortunately, not many empire chests with mirrors survive today. Often the glass or mirror has been removed or broken. So, the fact that this chest includes these details makes it extra special.

Overall, the chest is in good antique condition considering its 200 years of life. However, there are some light flaws, such as chips along the bottom, and small missing veneer pieces. Also, two of the toes on the right side show a bit of age.

That said, the Antique Empire Dresser shows beautifully and has a warm, handsome look. The hardware appears to be original solid brass, which polished quite nicely.