Vintage Coffee Table, Statton Tea Table

Vintage Coffee Table, Statton Tea Table, Satton Furniture

Beautiful vintage coffee table in solid cherry. This nice vintage coffee table has an elegant design and pretty details.

Vintage Coffee Table

Of course, the Statton Tea Table has two pull out extensions on either side. Additionally, it has elegant Queen Anne legs. Finally, it has a beautifully carved lip around the top, characteristic of Statton’s Trutype collection.

Statton Tea Table

This lovely Statton Tea Table was built by the Statton Workshops in Hagerstown, Maryland. However, we purchased it as an unfinished piece. Then, we finished it, aiming to approximate the Statton “Old Towne” finish with a dark cherry stain.

The vintage coffee table shows good vintage condition.

Statton Furniture is known for its high-quality craftsmanship, particularly in traditional and antique reproduction pieces. When evaluating the worth of a vintage coffee table from Statton Furniture, here are some factors to consider:

  1. Brand and Maker: Statton Furniture is recognized for its fine craftsmanship and attention to detail. Items from reputable brands like Statton often command higher prices due to their quality and authenticity.
  2. Material: Statton Furniture typically uses high-quality solid woods such as cherry, mahogany, or maple. Assess the quality of the wood and any signs of wear, damage, or discoloration.
  3. Design: Vintage coffee tables from Statton Furniture may feature classic and elegant designs that are characteristic of traditional or antique reproduction styles. Evaluate the design elements, including the shape, legs, and any decorative accents.
  4. Construction: Examine the construction quality of the coffee table, including the joinery, stability, and overall sturdiness. Well-crafted pieces with solid construction tend to be more valuable and durable.
  5. Condition: Inspect the coffee table for any signs of wear, damage, or repairs. Vintage pieces in excellent condition, with well-maintained finishes and minimal wear, tend to be more valuable.
  6. Size and Proportions: Consider the size and proportions of the coffee table in relation to its intended use and placement within a room. Statton Furniture often offers a range of sizes to suit different spaces and needs.
  7. Functionality: Evaluate the functionality of the coffee table, such as its storage features or usability. Vintage pieces with intact and functional components may be more desirable to buyers.
  8. Age: Older vintage Statton coffee tables may be considered more collectible and therefore more valuable. Look for signs of age, such as patina or wear consistent with the table’s age.
  9. Provenance: Any documented history or provenance associated with the coffee table, such as previous owners or historical significance, can increase its value.
  10. Market Demand: The current demand for vintage Statton furniture, particularly coffee tables, can influence their market value. Research recent sales of similar items to gauge market trends and pricing.
  11. Local Market: Consider local market factors such as regional preferences and availability. Consulting with local antique dealers or furniture experts may provide insights specific to your area.

To determine the value of your vintage Statton coffee table, consider consulting with antique furniture experts, appraisers, or dealers specializing in traditional and antique reproduction furniture. They can provide insights based on the specific details, condition, and market demand for your coffee table. Additionally, researching recent sales of similar items through auction houses or online marketplaces can help determine its market value.


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